Merry Picmas!

Hey there friends! Been a nice stay-at-home holiday here, just bears and crinkles 🙂

I’m doing some year-end wrap up stuff so I can start fresh with new year content! For now I have some snuggly pics over the last few days, wearing my Northshores and Forsite AM/PMs and just being a soggy girl.

More stuff soooooon. Have lots of exciting plans and ideas for 2021. Thanks for all the support this year, i’ll be doing a year-in-review post here soon. More crinkles and cuddles coming up, i’m sitting here with a monkey in my lap, warm and safe. Hugs friends!!!

8 thoughts on “Merry Picmas!

  1. Hello there. I hope you had a safe and fun Christmas, that you got everything you wanted and needed. I so love your pics and stories. What’s that outfit you’re wearing over your diapers. It looks like a nice swimsuit. In one pic, you look as though you messed your diaper and need to change into some clean and dry diapers.

    • That doesn’t mean that she did. Sometimes she wets a lot and most of it ends up in the ass end, sometimes looking like she pooped. It can happen to anyone who wears diapers.

    • I agree. She looks great wearing swimsuit and diapers. Depending on the size of the swimsuit, it helps to keep the diaper snug with the body, and keeps whatever you do contained in the diaper, rather than allowing the diaper to sag with the weight.

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