Diapee Magic!

It’s the deep dark winter, which means one thing… watching the LOTR Trilogy again!

Lord of the Rings has some pretty cool wizards, but if you’re interested in DiapeeMagic, check this video out 😛

Ok, that opening was a stretch…

I was introduced to Diapee Magic Creme by my awesome friend and I’ve made a review! It’s basically a soft/slippery/lotiony creme that is used for slip-slidey diaper fun. If you get a fully slippery diaper it can be a ton of fun and quite stimulating. It’s one of my favorite excitable diaper activities and DiapeeMagic is designed for it by basically being a mix of lube and lotion, but much better than that sounds. The smell is also phenomenal, like a total dream baby-powder scent. The branding of “DiapeeMagic” makes me happy too, I like the word Diapee because it makes me blush.

Basically, if you’ve been dry humping in your diapers, use some of this and make it a nice slippery hump 😛 It’s 8$ and I think for the niche application and cool package it’s worth it, though I wish I had the see-through tube that I’ve seen on some. For ref, Johnsons Baby Lotion is about 30 cents an OZ, and this is about $1 an OZ, but it smells really cool and is different by a significant degree, and i’d rather give money to ABDL businesses than to Johnson & Johnsons.

I’m not associated with these cats at all, just happy to share and promote community folks! If you’ve got a unique product you’d like to tell me about let me know 😛 I will be covering a ton of Dotty Diaper stuff soon, post coming soon about that and a ton of videos about their stock and UK Nappies.

Have a lovely weekend, more fun stuffffff soooooon!!!!

2020 in Diapers Part 4: I DONT REMEMBER OK

These are a bunch of pictures for which the context I have long forgotten. I assume, like everyone else, that from like April to September I was just in a quarantine Covid blur of hiding in the house and watching the news through the cracks in my fingers. I’d have to go look at my twitter feed to remember what was happening back then. I mostly just stayed in bed and peed my pants. This was a tough time, but things are about to get much better 😛

More stuff soon! I shot a bunch of amazing pics today and a new review and I can’t wait to share it all with you! More stuff sooooon!!!

I sure wore alot of XP5000’s then 😛 I also got my new camera, I think this was my first 4K video – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-i5tDXoKsxI

Exciting Changes!

Hi there friends! It’s Riley with a super quick one today! I have been moving furniture the last 3 days straight, putting the finishing touches on my studio setup, very exciting and tons of thought/effort, i’m a tuckered out little girl! I have pics but I want to save them for now, I’m working on making it look really fancy! I also got a new laptop to help me produce and post while i’m rendering video, have done some really great things to help my workflow!

Unfortunately to do that I had to tear everything down and take a day or two from posting, pardon! But now I have an awesome setup and the capabilities to really crank out some great stuff! And i’m still well on schedule for 52 Youtube videos this year, i’m thinking i’m going to start posting videos every Sunday? But for January things will just come as I finish them and get a few videos in the bank. I’m shooting a diapers/lingerie thing as well as a Footy Fashion show tomorrow I think. I also just spent some serious diaper money at DottyDiaperCo so I’ll have tons of interesting and diverse kinds of diapers to talk about!

I also want to thank the new folks who are checking out my Patreon, it’s not all configured yet with the fancy tiers and such, but I really appreciate the support! Really exciting things happening, thanks for all the help, positivity and encouragement in my crinkly pursuits 🙂

More more more more more sooooon!!!

Pics and Vids and everything incoming ❤ Will get back to my “2020 in review” tomorrow!

Below photos are from my new StayKinky video ❤

Veeda Adult Diaper Review

New video! I talk all about the Veeda Adult Diaper!

Check these out if you…

Like diapers without harmful additions like scents, dyes.

Love Hilary Duff (I went to Christian School so McGee and Me was my favorite animated Homunculus kids show, not Lizzie McGuire)

Don’t need a big thick diaper, just want something for Light Bladder Leakage or for comfort.

Are only going to Wet once and want something comfy and thin.

Want to encourage diaper manufacturers to use any degree of sustainable materials

Can’t order Online/have a Diaper Emergency

Thanks so much for watching! More stuff sooooon!!!

2020 in Diapers Pt. 3 What? When?

March/April/May I was mostly hiding inside and snuggling my bun. Wanted to make inspirational videos but my anxiety was really out of whack, I started my weekly videos on my ManyViids site as fapping was about the extent of my creative output. My videos have improved since tho, as has my stress levels. This year was rough, and that was the roughest time, I’m sure everyone on the planet knows what i’m talking about.

Glad I had something that makes me as happy as Diapers ❤ I love them ❤

Big hugs, mostly XP 5000’s and Northshores in these pics 🙂 Hope everyone’s having a lovely year!

First DiaperCheck of the Year!

Hey Hey! I have a new video today!

Just a little Happy New Years thought and introduction to my weekly videos! I’m really excited about setting this goal and while not every video will be a super elaborate review, I will be posting to YouTube once a week, probably every Sunday around 6pm EST, will keep you posted!

Exciting stuff, more year-in-review incoming, hope everyone’s having a good year! This little girl has been busy but feeling good, trying to pace myself 🙂

Thanks for reading and more stuff soooon! Keep Bouncin’ and Stay Diapered!

2020 in Diapers Pt. 2 – DiaperCalifornia

Omgoooosh I made a bunch of nice little video today, very excited to share a new little #diapercheck video soon and a nice little announcement about 2021!

Today we’re still looking back on February and honestly, all I remember is I went to California and then came back on March 12th or so, just as everything was completely shutting down. There’s a few good posts from my archives back then, specifically the “wow it’s been“, “wow it is!” and “wow it’s going to be” posts.

I can’t even imagine back then, we were all so innocent, I have a pic of me at an airport in March without a mask, mindblowing. It was good seeing my family, I’m at that age where you start supporting your parents… I feel like I matured alot this year, my head’s finally cleared and I’m thinking better than ever, trying to be less abrasive, supporting friends and working on consistency. Working on it ❤

Ok, pictures to share! I’m in such a forward facing mood I don’t feel like overly contemplating the emotions of the past year. So lets just look at some cute crinkle pics and think of all the diaper changes to come ❤

Hugs, more sooooon! Get excited about new videos ❤

2020 in Diapers Pt. 1

Hey there friends! I’m working on a big year-in-review post and in the meantime I wanted to share some of my fav. pics from 2020! I have been posting these on twitter too, go check out @RileyBBQ!

Lots more pics and thoughts to share, doing some filming tomorrow, starting out the year productive and smiley! Hugs friends, more stuff soon! I love these pics, such a smiley bb ❤