2020 in Diapers Pt. 2 – DiaperCalifornia

Omgoooosh I made a bunch of nice little video today, very excited to share a new little #diapercheck video soon and a nice little announcement about 2021!

Today we’re still looking back on February and honestly, all I remember is I went to California and then came back on March 12th or so, just as everything was completely shutting down. There’s a few good posts from my archives back then, specifically the “wow it’s been“, “wow it is!” and “wow it’s going to be” posts.

I can’t even imagine back then, we were all so innocent, I have a pic of me at an airport in March without a mask, mindblowing. It was good seeing my family, I’m at that age where you start supporting your parents… I feel like I matured alot this year, my head’s finally cleared and I’m thinking better than ever, trying to be less abrasive, supporting friends and working on consistency. Working on it ❤

Ok, pictures to share! I’m in such a forward facing mood I don’t feel like overly contemplating the emotions of the past year. So lets just look at some cute crinkle pics and think of all the diaper changes to come ❤

Hugs, more sooooon! Get excited about new videos ❤

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