2020 in Diapers Pt. 3 What? When?

March/April/May I was mostly hiding inside and snuggling my bun. Wanted to make inspirational videos but my anxiety was really out of whack, I started my weekly videos on my ManyViids site as fapping was about the extent of my creative output. My videos have improved since tho, as has my stress levels. This year was rough, and that was the roughest time, I’m sure everyone on the planet knows what i’m talking about.

Glad I had something that makes me as happy as Diapers ❤ I love them ❤

Big hugs, mostly XP 5000’s and Northshores in these pics 🙂 Hope everyone’s having a lovely year!

2 thoughts on “2020 in Diapers Pt. 3 What? When?

  1. I’m so glad to hear that you are dealing with your stress level for the better. I love seeing your happy and bubbly personality shine through your pics and videos. I am your biggest fan at which I started following you years ago and have stuck with you.

  2. Hi miss Riley! It’s been absolute ages since we’ve chatted, I had my own anxiety to deal with. Thank you for your all your wonderful posts/emails, they really do provide many of us with a way to live vicariously through you. I can’t risk expressing my true self to family and coworkers, your transition and embracing of your love for all things ab/dl bring a joy that I don’t get to personally experience.

    Your diaper reviews are very helpful as well! For the few times a year I get the chance to wear it’s good to have the best padding 😁

    Thanks again hun and keep being freaking amazing!

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