Exciting Changes!

Hi there friends! It’s Riley with a super quick one today! I have been moving furniture the last 3 days straight, putting the finishing touches on my studio setup, very exciting and tons of thought/effort, i’m a tuckered out little girl! I have pics but I want to save them for now, I’m working on making it look really fancy! I also got a new laptop to help me produce and post while i’m rendering video, have done some really great things to help my workflow!

Unfortunately to do that I had to tear everything down and take a day or two from posting, pardon! But now I have an awesome setup and the capabilities to really crank out some great stuff! And i’m still well on schedule for 52 Youtube videos this year, i’m thinking i’m going to start posting videos every Sunday? But for January things will just come as I finish them and get a few videos in the bank. I’m shooting a diapers/lingerie thing as well as a Footy Fashion show tomorrow I think. I also just spent some serious diaper money at DottyDiaperCo so I’ll have tons of interesting and diverse kinds of diapers to talk about!

I also want to thank the new folks who are checking out my Patreon, it’s not all configured yet with the fancy tiers and such, but I really appreciate the support! Really exciting things happening, thanks for all the help, positivity and encouragement in my crinkly pursuits 🙂

More more more more more sooooon!!!

Pics and Vids and everything incoming ❤ Will get back to my “2020 in review” tomorrow!

Below photos are from my new StayKinky video ❤

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