2020 in Diapers Part 4: I DONT REMEMBER OK

These are a bunch of pictures for which the context I have long forgotten. I assume, like everyone else, that from like April to September I was just in a quarantine Covid blur of hiding in the house and watching the news through the cracks in my fingers. I’d have to go look at my twitter feed to remember what was happening back then. I mostly just stayed in bed and peed my pants. This was a tough time, but things are about to get much better 😛

More stuff soon! I shot a bunch of amazing pics today and a new review and I can’t wait to share it all with you! More stuff sooooon!!!

I sure wore alot of XP5000’s then 😛 I also got my new camera, I think this was my first 4K video – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-i5tDXoKsxI

4 thoughts on “2020 in Diapers Part 4: I DONT REMEMBER OK

  1. Hi. Happy New Year! I love your posts. You always look adorable in diapers. I’m not sure I’d want to tuck my shirt in my diaper. In case I pee, and my diaper gets soaked.

  2. The bunny is cute. Mine is quite temperamental. 😇

    You should check out Stardew Valley. This game had kept me sane during April-late June.

    What camera did you get? I’d been looking at a Sony A7S or A7R myself.

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