Diapee Magic!

It’s the deep dark winter, which means one thing… watching the LOTR Trilogy again!

Lord of the Rings has some pretty cool wizards, but if you’re interested in DiapeeMagic, check this video out 😛

Ok, that opening was a stretch…

I was introduced to Diapee Magic Creme by my awesome friend and I’ve made a review! It’s basically a soft/slippery/lotiony creme that is used for slip-slidey diaper fun. If you get a fully slippery diaper it can be a ton of fun and quite stimulating. It’s one of my favorite excitable diaper activities and DiapeeMagic is designed for it by basically being a mix of lube and lotion, but much better than that sounds. The smell is also phenomenal, like a total dream baby-powder scent. The branding of “DiapeeMagic” makes me happy too, I like the word Diapee because it makes me blush.

Basically, if you’ve been dry humping in your diapers, use some of this and make it a nice slippery hump 😛 It’s 8$ and I think for the niche application and cool package it’s worth it, though I wish I had the see-through tube that I’ve seen on some. For ref, Johnsons Baby Lotion is about 30 cents an OZ, and this is about $1 an OZ, but it smells really cool and is different by a significant degree, and i’d rather give money to ABDL businesses than to Johnson & Johnsons.

I’m not associated with these cats at all, just happy to share and promote community folks! If you’ve got a unique product you’d like to tell me about let me know 😛 I will be covering a ton of Dotty Diaper stuff soon, post coming soon about that and a ton of videos about their stock and UK Nappies.

Have a lovely weekend, more fun stuffffff soooooon!!!!

3 thoughts on “Diapee Magic!

  1. I don’t know why I get so excited to see more of your videos. I love it when you explain new products and giving updates of your life events. My dream cuddle buddy best wishes to seeing more content from you

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