2020 in Diapers Part 5: Calm Before

It’s been a wild year so far! I can’t believe it’s so far into it already, coming up on my birthday before I know it. This is going to be a big year for me, last year was setting everything up, and this year is seeing what I can do with it. I just got my hormone tests and have an upcoming doctors app next month, got a bunch of cool new equipment (going to share a room tour once its all done) and am very optimistic about the 100+ videos i’m going to make this year, including weekly videos here and on StayKinky ❤ It’s a daunting task but I’m sure I can do it!

This was during fall of last year, before the Election and some big life changes, was just living day to day, hanging out with the bear and the monk and the bun, enjoying my new pink northshores and some cute new pullups 😛 I see some of these pictures and I think they were taken just a few weeks ago, and they’re nearly six months old. That happens alot these days.

In terms of current day Riley, it’s nice to just live. I’m in a decent little schedule and I have problems of course, mostly health, anxiety and health related anxiety, but I’m dealing ok. Little dramas, but nothing big, had to unfollow someone on twitter because their posts were making me sad, stuff like that. I’m in a good place, slowly but surely rebuilding a fanbase in adult content, staying consistent with these sites, all that good stuff. Putting in the work. It’s all a girl can do 🙂 I do wish more people were watching my StayKinky content, I think i’m doing some really creative stuff with editing, need to spread my stuff around more. Being the actress, filmmaker, editor and promotions, as well as makeup, lights, fluid cleanup etc… It’s alot for one person. I have a little help with shooting now and then, but it’s mostly just me and the bears.

Anyway, enough pouting, I have a ton of support and I’m sure I’ll get more as time goes on 🙂 Thanks friends, more soon! Still haven’t done any live shows this month, I have an ISO Storytime interview on Friday night which should be fun 🙂

More soon friends ❤

6 thoughts on “2020 in Diapers Part 5: Calm Before

  1. Thanks for giving us an update hun, anxiety is an awful beast to battle and isolation has made it oh so much worse.

    Glad to hear you’re almost up and running with the new nursery, can’t wait to see it.

    If only you were shooting out of California, I’d volunteer some time to help out with set-up and clean-up. Definitely wouldn’t step in front of the camera, I’d be be so scared I’d have a wet diaper for certain. Super camera shy here.

  2. i just want to say thank you for being you i love every thing you do on staykinky and stay diapered thanks again love ya cheers from vancouver island canada hugs

  3. Riley,
    Thank you for all your informative and inspiring support to the ABDL community. You really help people like me who struggle daily with anxiety associated with being and ABDL.

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