2020 in Diapers Part 6: Video Girl

New video with a ton of clips of all my 2020 StayDiapered videos!

Below are links to all the videos featured here! New big post coming tomorrow all about Raccoons and feelings! Thanks for watching, more soon!

Plastic Pants 101 – Diaper University – https://youtu.be/ONILg7kswNw

Adult Cloth Diapers 101 – Diaper University – https://youtu.be/eN-Midiovzo

Adult Cloth Diapers 102 – Diaper University – https://youtu.be/00KHkWC0UXM

Enemas 101 – Diaper University – https://youtu.be/Pc66cf-S73E

Seni Super Quatro ABDL Diaper Review! – https://youtu.be/iONDIVCEJ_8

#DiaperCheck​ 2020 Convention Thoughts – https://youtu.be/zHsfgEUrQYo

Diaper University: The History of Goodnites – https://youtu.be/WmNUeT22kRA

Attends Premiere ABDL Diaper Review – https://youtu.be/ahqSVbLQ2Nw

Diaper University – The History of Pullups – https://youtu.be/Rey5SXg5Tqg

Northshore Megamax ABDL Diaper Review – https://youtu.be/TQbgDWq-GDU

Generic Diapers Roundup! (CVS, Walmart, Rite-Aid) – https://youtu.be/xSskIA6Y2qQ

Riley The Diapered Cheerleader – https://youtu.be/t62fBqz1-pA

Beyond XP5000 ABDL Diaper Review – https://youtu.be/-i5tDXoKsxI

Northshore Haul Video! New DiaperPail/Diapers! – https://youtu.be/5A0IP6JEtL0

Ninjamas Review – https://youtu.be/FNHWmK4morc

ABDL Storytime – Riley Reads Amelia Bedelia – https://youtu.be/BfHViS6K3Wo

First DiaperCheck of the New Year! – https://youtu.be/2isKFb_98vI

3 thoughts on “2020 in Diapers Part 6: Video Girl

  1. Your intelligence, beauty (I can only see what’s on the outside, but(t) I sense grooviness throughout … more than “wishful thinking”..? *shrugs shoulders*).

    Anypoot, I’d like to discuss collabs (art, (non-X, x.X.x, experiMental, etc.) videos/films (I’ve done ‘some film school,’ but surely, we’d be able to work out the details [I know: #DontCallMeShirley | #Tee2TheHee], if it’s something you’d be open to [discussing]) – anything creative really.

    Also, if you want/need any help promoting your sites/etc., I’d like to throw ideas around, and be a(n) hands-on member of #TeamRileyKilo | #YAY {!}

    Your potential in general excites my mind (‘etc.’) … #WinkWink #NudgeNudge #MontyPython, and I believe in your uniqueness and energy more than I do in most others in your field. Toodles, Poodles, and Snickerdoodles (aka ciao!) :•}~

  2. PS: L.A. Zen’s has been defunct for several years, and [Your intelligence, beauty, …] and sense of personal style appeal to me very significantly. (Which basically means that, I feel comfortable with what others may call “your bizarrity,” ’cause my own is “hot on the trail” of yours … “tied for first place,” one might say.

    Ciao (aka Toodles, Poodles, and Snickerdoodles!) ~<|:•]=

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