DiaperGirl Builds A Gaming Chair!

Hey there friends! New video today, I build my big comfy, pink gaming chair 🙂

Been really working on setting up my new environment, getting some new gear and space to film, has been an ridiculously busy month that has completely slipped by… I have some script writing to do and videos to edit and lots of fun stuff to share 🙂

Some fun crinkle pics coming tomorrow, going to get poked this weekend so wish me good health ❤

I’m in a soggy pink Megamax, I’m going to take it reaaaaallly easy the next couple days, I have been spread like not enough butter across too much bread… I’ve been watching the LOTR trilogy again 😛

Anyway, hope you like the video and pics! More stuff soooon ❤

2 thoughts on “DiaperGirl Builds A Gaming Chair!

  1. This kind of chair is very dangerous for young girls. Indeed, the intermittent friction between the tissues of the seat and very sensitive areas of the pelvis can induce behaviors of sin and lust. Worse yet: it can lead to… (sorry me Lord)… masturbation habits! The people who offer these chairs to young women are Satan’s henchmen. Parents, at least demand that your daughters wear extra thick panties when playing!

    • The guy who wrote the above must be sexually ill. The gaming chairs are very good for girls. Among other things, because its stimulates their imaginative faculties.

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