Sigzagor Adult Cloth Diaper Review!

Hey there friends! New review today!!!

Here at StayDiapered, I like to cover various diapers I find online that don’t get as much attention as some of the big brands, as most of those are equal in quality/price ratio and thoroughly reviewed already. I see these Sigzagor diapers all over Amazon and I’m sure ABDLs are buying them, so here I am with a new review!

The key takeaway here is that they are CHEAP. They look nice, they probably make a million of the baby diapers a day and I imagine the quality is fairly uniform, which is fine for the price. They probably won’t last long and who knows how long they will last in the wash, but for what they are I can recommend them for a first try or extra stock of cloth diapers. I imagine they are so cheap because the company makes a TON of baby diapers, and please let me know if you have seen this company change hands or any identical diapers, I know sometimes these companies do second manufacturing runs on machines.

But yeah, check them out if you’re curious about cloth diapering, be sure to like and sub on the video and feel free to share the video around on whatever platforms you like! More stuff soon, this is my first one since taking a little vacation so expect more this week 🙂

Fun stuff soon, thanks for watching!!!

3 thoughts on “Sigzagor Adult Cloth Diaper Review!

  1. Your so cute, just love your pictures and love your outfits and diapers. I wish I could chat with you. Love to change your diaper.

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