Back to the Garden

It’s late in the evening and I’m sifting through some pictures of me wearing cute diapers, just thought I’d sit down and share a little smile or two :):)

Life has been very complicated lately. Really going to stretch this metaphor, but Life has been like a really big salad that you get in a fancy restaurant, it’s good and food is essential, but it’s really big and theres so much going on. There’s the stuff you really like, the spinach and feta, but there’s also some water chestnuts and those weird little corn cobs that make you feel giant. You’re impressed by it but also a little confused, I think that sums up my life lately.

Over the last few weeks the I’ve gotten my second covid shot, had a close friend have a health issue that led to a week of Hospital stuff, retired from a local politics thing I was involved in, organized all my clothes and diapers, got my first mani pedi since Cov started (haircut soon), did my taxes, bought a new mattress and a giant mirror, along with some other personal successes and failures too boring, spicy or shameful to mention.

Most of my time has been really focused on getting StayKinky’s relevance and sales up so I’m set up better for the future and any upcoming challenges. Been really pushing the MyEXO recently, learn more on StayKinky (NSFW)! Ok, ad-break over.

As for social stuff, I’m active on twitter, but mostly just working behind the veil right now, editing and organizing etc. When something like the PewDiePie thing happens (and the dozens of ripple effect videos that come after) I generally try to keep my head down a little bit. I’m really happy with my level of exposure right now (save for wanting to sell more videos on StayKinky) and prefer to just work withing my comfort zone as opposed to mitigate attention from outsiders. I may not always feel that way but I enjoy my privacy and obscurity right now, but perhaps I’ve gotten too comfortable wearing a mask…

I aspire to share more of my journey, I’m starting to get out again and would love to share more crinkly adventures. Writing is the pushbroom of the soul, gets things moving and helps clarify my often scattered thoughts, and I haven’t been diligent enough in it. It’s a tool you need to keep sharp, and it’s harder to do the less you do. I neeeed to write, to express myself, but I don’t recognize that thirst often enough.

Best way to stay in touch is to sign up for emails on this site and you’ll be updated of new posts. I have some Youtube videos coming soon and some great new StayKinky stuff out this week, so be sure to stay posted 🙂

So the point is: I’m getting back to the basics, focusing on what’s important (friends, family, health, self expression) and keeping my nose to the grindstone. It’s been a super productive week and i’ve wrapped up all my “ToDo” editing, some stuff from January even, so it’s good to be caught up. Now all I have to do is make NEW stuff, and i’m set-up to do that. I had a ton of diapers and outfits that were just randomly hungup or in boxes and I got all that sorted, I’m really excited about all the fun swimsuit videos and Size 6/7/Training Pants reviews coming up! I have 40+ brands and have been working on this for a looooong time 🙂

The sun is out, i’m getting into tights and cute dresses instead of pajamas and overalls, I’m feeling cute and healthy and have lots of great things ahead. I’ve never had so many responsibilities in my life and it feels like I’m “Adulting” all day everyday, but I also woke up this morning in a wet diaper and spend a significant amount of time talking/playing/snuggling my stuffers, so I’m balancing things well. I’ve been in diapers every night for the last month, and it’s been lovely. In times of need, diapers and stuffies (and all you friends!) are there for me, and that gives me so much confidence!

I’ll leave it for now, these pics were from a thickly diapered outing in a local Garden, got a case of Pink Megamaxes from Northshore that i’ve been really enjoying, a perfect day-to-night diaper, always comfortable going out for hours in one of those (especially if I have a babbydiaper under it so I can change that out after my first wetting, more on my diaper layering methods in an upcoming video)

Thanks for reading friends, more cuddles and pics and video coming sooooon ❤

Hugs friends!!!