Springtime Leotards and Molicares!

Hey there friends! New video! It’s showing off all my super cute Leotards and some Molicare Slip Super Plus!

Just a little video today, will be filling you in on my adventures, nothing toooo tumultuous or notable but lots going on! I’m about to have a super busy time next weekend and the following week, so lots of pics and fun stuff incoming!

Always be sure to check out my @RileyBBQ twitter and @StayDiapered Instagram ans well as all my other social medias and sites for more pics and crinkles! https://allmylinks.com/rileybbq

Just got a new shooting space as well, more greenscreen fun coming up as well as more legit, in-depth diaper reviews. I just love Leotards so much, I have been really having fun with these videos 🙂

More coming soon, stay cool everyone! And StayDiapered of course, lots of baby powder!

2 thoughts on “Springtime Leotards and Molicares!

  1. To my beautiful friend Riley, the thoughts of you make me feel so happy and special, the things you do for your fans and personal experiences with your beautiful life ( my opinion) to give out knowledgeable professional expertise, I don’t know what else to say, I’m just in awe of you. I’ll see you on Twitter, I try when I can to post on here depending on remembering my password 😂 – Your lonely online friend Thomas. Happy Thoughts 🧸

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