Run Play Hide

Hey there friends! Here’s a catch-all post for what’s been going on with me lately! Lets go over a few topics…


So over the last month things have been opening up and I’ve been adventuring around Pennsylvania more with a few visitors including family. After coming back from California in March of 2020, just a couple days before everything shut down, I haven’t really done any traveling. Over the last couple weeks I have been in many big crowds and restaurants and other situations that I didn’t think I was going to be in for a very long time, if ever. I’ve got all my shots, so I didn’t really worry but it was still a bit of an unnerving situation being thrown into the deep end of a petri dish. But knowing my lifestyle I couldn’t just stay inside forever so I had to be brave and tough it out. Still very cautious just finally starting to come out of my cave… with that said, I do plan on going back to masking in customer service situations.

I have some travel to Cape Cod coming up as well as a few local hotel rooms (primarily to shoot content) in my near future. Afterwards i’ll be doing my annual California/West Coast adventures, will only have managed to miss one year, though I may take another cross country train trip instead of flying. So far i’ve been from Albany to San Francisco on a Greyhound Bus (the horrors) and from Los Angeles to Buffalo on a train, might be fun to do Philly to San Fransisco on a train.

I have some people in my life that have needed some time after being isolated so long, and in the process things have been a little slow on the creative process. I have lots of great content from my adventures and will be posting in upcoming galleries, and don’t forget to check my Twitter/Insta/Tumblr!


StayKinky has been a driving force in my life since I really kicked off the studio at the end of 2019. I’ve been making content for a very long time but never took it serious enough to call myself a Studio. Now with my fancy camera and equipment and new filming space, I have every opportunity to make great videos… but I haven’t really. I’ve still been making weekly videos and yeah, there’s some great ones in there and pretty proud of most of them, but I’m filming these videos like YouTube reviews when I’d much rather be making much more intimate realistic content, less of a show and more of an experience.

Late last year I was starting to do some really wild stuff with green screen but I feel like my creativity/energy has waned a bit, or at least life is worn me down a little bit and I need a re-sharpening. Luckily I have friends and fans to snap a out of that funk, and I’m starting to reignite my passion and reassess the kind of videos I’m making. I’ve been pretty steady in the C list of trans performers for the last decade, and while I know I never going to become some big #1 star primarily because I don’t generally perform with others/do hardcore stuff. I could be doing better than I am now I could be doing what I was six months ago. I’d like to be back to #20 on the top performers list not #50.

With that said its all about finding a comfortable work/life balance and I am happy with what I’m doing now. I certainly could be doing more and promoting more to make the future a little less uncertain and to ensure folks don’t get bored with my content. I really treasure Style in art and my art hasn’t had very much style lately, and that generally comes down to my level of effort I put into things. I need to put more effort into better videos and I will be, I have some good ideas coming up for StayKinky. Granted I’m mostly a single person doing all this on my own so I try not to be too hard on myself, especially because other people will be much harder on me, leading into my next part… I do want to give a quick thanks to everyone who subs to my sites and Patreon etc, you’re keeping me happy, healthy and safe!

So a few months ago that PewDiePie thing came out and we all had a bit of fun, I got some really positive feedback and got a little reminder that the world knows who I am. That’s my official statement, but there’s much more behind it.

What most people probably didn’t see were the dozen of imitators that came after that. The little channels that don’t really have a filter or sense of decency who are more prone to calls of violence/doxxing/harrassment etc. Since the PewdiePie video I have been under near constant barrage, everything from podcasts threatening my life, people pretending to be me and posting horrible things, countless hostile personal messages, and multiple campaigns of flagging my content so it’s removed from the internet and I can’t get paid. PHub has been the worst of this, taking down my videos constantly even though they are nothing like what they are being flagged for, and then getting brick walls from support. Receiving brick walls from Facebook and Spotify has also been frustrating and it has taken weeks and lawyers and blood pressure spikes to get some of these things removed. It’s been relentless and I can handle it, but it’s a lot. The stuff I get on the regs would traumatize the average person, so I try not to amplify or focus on it, but it’s there for sure.

So when there’s a lot of heat on me, sometimes it’s best for me to turtle for a little while. I don’t want to toot my own horn or anyting but the amount of garbage most people get, I feel like I get 10 times more due to the intersectionality of being trans, ABDL and a sex worker. Sometimes I don’t need to stick around to be reminded how much people fear/dislike me, because I know those people will go away when the temperature lowers and I’ll be back to mostly good, friendly community people seeing my content, though community people are a handful too. I’m not going anywhere but after doing this for so ridiculously long I know when it is good to step away for a bit. Thankfully I don’t anticipate any more media moments coming up. I’m more than happy to just stay in my lane for now, making crinkle videos and kink content for likeminded folks. Again, part of the reason I do this is because I know I can handle it, so don’t worry about me ❤

Moving Forward

Thanks for reading, have everything a little girl could need to make some really great media, just going slow and measuring my movements, I’ve come a long way in the last few years and want to ensure I keep the positivity flowing 🙂 Thanks friends, more soon!!! New video up on my Youtube btw, full post coming soon!