EasyUps 5t6t Review!

New Video! Or rather, a video from last month that I’m just now posting here! I’m going to be changing up the format of this site to a weekly newsletter format, nothing will change except more posts! More on that soon, but for now some old video and new pics!

This video is age restricted on YT so you have to log in to watch it, sorry!

These are a fun novelty diaper, it’s nice to see larger sizes, it has the 3 channel system that is so popular in modern diapers. I’m really fond of the rainbows and really colorful look.

I won’t be wearing these very often, mostly just for romping around the house and cute diaper playtime. I’ll keep a couple in the car or in my diaper bag as emergency replacement panties 🙂

I just filmed a new video talking all about the Abena Junior XS2’s and Bambo Dreamy Diapers, two much nicer options for pullups, though not quite as cute and colorful. That video will be coming up super soon! Hope you like it, i’m really excited to share this one, i’ve got a super cute pink skirt on 🙂

More soon, thanks and be well friends!