Little Green Diaper Fairy

Hey there friends!!! Summers been full of adventures for me and today we’re focusing on a pretty little fairy day!

I went to a Fairy event, lots of dressed up people, just picked up this neat little Leotard from the Halloween stock at a thrift store. It’s really a dance outfit labeled “Funny Frog” (like the Belle and Sebastian song) and came with a little froggy hat, but i’m more of a fairy than a froggy, though Soggy Froggy might be a fun look. I think I made the right decision to go for a more Tinkerbell green fairy look by adding a petticoat over the rather revealing leotard, the petticoat was originally part of a Poison Ivy Batman costume that I got rid of back long before she was relevant again.

Don’t forget friends, start hitting the Thrift Stores early for halloween costumes! It’s not all cheesy “Spirit Halloween Stores” stuff, you can often find great cosplay stuff, funky lingerie, tons of leotards and other cool finds!

I’ve been meaning to talk about my “Diaper Layering” method in a video, but this post is a good example of how I do it! I wrote a big essay about all that but I’ll save that for the next post. In summary though, I like to put on a few individual diapers so I can change into a fresh diaper super easy! Usually starting with a BB diaper or pull-up, then a brief and maybe even another adult pull-up to keep everything in place. It creates a lovely thick diaper feeling and you don’t have to spend all day in a soggy crinkle!

October just started so I plan to have a little more costumed fun this season… i’ve never been a big fan of Halloween as an adult because I wish people would just dress up all the time! Luckily there’s plenty of conventions and faires and fun places where people can put on petticoats or dress like Zelda characters. I could really get into some light cosplay action, I have so many costumes!

Big hugs friends, more stuff sooooon! I’m back from my Cape Cod vacation and have so many incredible pics to share with you! I also took a little travel vlog and am really kicking into full creative gear 🙂 Lots more soon, including an exclusive fashion show video 🙂

Happy thoughts from the Crinkly Green Fairy!