PeeTown pt. 1: How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love My Diapers

Hey there friends!!! I’m back from my lovely vacation and here’s the first round of diapered beach pics!!! I went out to a little beach in Provincetown early in the morning and just romped around in my dress, swimsuit and pink Megamax! I’ve always wanted to take pics on the beach in my diapers, there’s one or two from LA floating around but this was a proper pic taking experience, have so many to share!

It was a lovely working vacation that led to memorable moments and some kinky fun. Provincetown is one of the worlds queer artist meccas, there’s incredible food but other than that it’s all galleries and gay bars, with a few sex shops and stores that sell little sweaters for your dog thrown in the mix. It’s a really welcoming place and very free when it comes to expressing yourself. There’s rainbow flags on every building and everyone from senior tour groups to sweaty tanned dudes in assless chaps walking down the street. I never felt uncomfortable acting or dressing however I felt. It’s how the world should be, express yourself and let others express themselves. Ptown (Peetown lol) is a little wild for your average utopia but the point stands… we’re all too hungup on ourselves, wear those thick diapers, stop worrying about showing off your shoulders, in fact stop worrying so much in general. More on this as my thoughts form up into a nice, wobbly word jello.

It was nice to get out of town post-Covid, more thoughts on that and my travels coming soon, wanted to share some of these pics and will save some smiles for the next post. There’s another half of this set in my cute little Hello Kitty 2 Piece Bikini, it’s adorable!!!

Thanks so much for reading my little blog, I have no big life events or travels ahead so expect to hear more from me! Travel Video coming soon!

6 thoughts on “PeeTown pt. 1: How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love My Diapers

  1. Absolutely adorable, thanks for sharing. Very cool to be able to do that. Maybe Someday I’ll be able to wear in public like that.

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