Peetown Pt. 2: Gone But Still There

Hey friends! Nice long post featuring some cute popcorn dress pics in Provincetown (Peetown!) I talk about some personal growth and past drama stuff though it’s all very smiley and positive!

I just woke up in a very soggy M4, a happy diaper girl, snuggled my little Raccoon and sucked on my paci. That blissful time before the world invades my littlespace. Blissing out in the warm, comforting, womb-like embrace of my bed and blankies, surrounded by stuffers and the warm intimacy of a wet diaper. I’ve always felt like diapers were a way to experience intimacy by yourself, self-care and self-love, and not in the usually sticky or tool-assisted way I usually show self-love, this is more of a soft touch. Like eating a salad or putting on lotion after a shower, it’s something you do for yourself because you love yourself and you deserve it.

I’ve been super diaper obsessed since I got back from Cape Cod, been about a month back and my passion has not waned one bit. I’ve been quiet a little quiet due to things we’ll talk about in the 2nd to last paragraph, in my absence I’ve been really just enjoying diapers just on their own, ala carte. Not because I take such good pics in them or because the fans demand it or because I’m Riley Kilo, but because I truly love them and they make me super happy. It’s analogous to sex work, most of my orgasms are reserved for the stage and screen, but I have the occasional fun with a friend or on my own. When alone it’s either a pre-nap maintenance wank or big production with the enemas and triple thick diapers, but sometimes I need that, we all do, just some time to love yourself and get as naughty and kinky as you wanna get. Sure, i’m slightly embarrassed by the idea of watching cheesy Facesitting VR videos but I love them and you gotta do stuff just for you sometimes, and the shame can be part of the fun, especially when you’re strapped down with a Hitachi…

That’s the way i’ve felt about diapers the last month, just getting back to the basics of self-love. And what’s not to love?

It had been a while since I was immersed in queer culture outside of the occasional protest or bukkake party. I’m feeling fit and coming out of my shell and realizing i’ve got a great life and great opportunities. I think an adolescence of adversity and a lifetime of struggle has made me constantly anticipate the next fall, the next loss, feel constantly unstable to the point where I can manifest that negativity, if that makes sense? I’m not saying the bad stuff that’s happened to me is my fault, but dwelling on it and remaining immersed in those regrets or pain can lead to more. If you’ve spent you’re life getting yelled at you’re more likely to yell yourself, it’s your normal. My normal has changed these last 5 years in PA, and i’m adjusting to a life of safety, creativity and love. Tired of being a porcupine in a room full of jigglypuffs, working on a more peaceful mindset. Peetown helped with that, feeling the warm embrace of a town with rainbow flags everywhere. Reminded me that there’s all sorts of worlds out there and to not get so caught up in mine.

So I never finished my story this morning, I was all snuggled up in my comforter enjoying the fall morning weather, listening to the rain, loving my little Trubble (the Raccoon) and just being a a soggy, sleepy girl. My Abena M4s were quite full so I decided it was time to get up, I usually have a shower after filling my bedtime diaper and then just go diaperless for most of the day (unless I go out). I instead did the unprecedented move of changing my diapers, with wipes and everything! I’ve been wearing on the regular, but I just haven’t changed in and out of diapers like that in a long while. I’m usually layering or just wearing a super-thick diaper, getting into the habit of changing is something reinvigorated in Peetown, I often would just come home from lunch or the beach and just change my diapers, wipe, lotion, and back out for adventures! My AirBnB was right on the strip so it was super easy to just pop-back home. I could probably just have a change on a park bench and noone would bat an eye… that’s Peetown for ya 😛 Think that falls into the category of “just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you should”.

So it’s been a month and i’m still in diapers ❤ Happy Girl!!!

My diapered adventures have been easier because my travels don’t lead my to nightclubs and bars and 3am rendezvous, places not conducive to a soggy girl who needs a change… there’s still plenty of salacious, sticky behaviour but it’s mostly cultural travel and finding places to take pics/make content. Content has always been a prime directive in my adventures, and i’m glad I now have the tools to really make the best of it… I took a ton of pics in Peetown, and I hope you enjoy them! I have a Youtube video of the adventures coming soon too! I have a busy week ahead of me after taking the last 2 weeks off, so thanks for being patient!

I’ve been doing some much needed personal work, I quit smoking again after quitting for like, 6 months last year and blowing it due to friend-in-the-hospital drama, but i’m back to 100% Nicotine free and 100% Confident about it, feeling great. Nicotine messes me up, and the difference in my motivation and emotions is profound. Have some lost time to make up for, I’ve come a long way, and I’m starting to really take advantage of my newly earned freedom.

Thanks for reading, I have more Provincetown adventures to share ~ I need to post more just to get all these pics out! More Beach Pics ASAP! Full Sets with Early posts, B sides & T and A sides, on Patreon and MV~ Check the links page! Lots of great videos and more coming soooooon!!!

And as expected, over the course of writing this post I’m in need of a change again 😛 That’s what diaper girls do, they just make em’ soggy! Hugs and hugs, more stuff soon!

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