Peetown Pt. 5: EmBearassed

A few quick things to drop off on the internet today! But first, be sure to check out my Twitter to see some fun new pics and observations and little videos like this!

I have some really snuggly Provincetown pics to share today, just random romping around town in my extra thick diapers <3<3

I’ve settled in, become really used to being “the girl with the soggy diapers”. The feeling of having a diaper wrapped around my waist and the comfort of padding between my legs, softly replacing my girlparts, it’s the right way to be for me 🙂 Feeling the wetness of my diapers at random intervals, just carelessly filling my diapers at a moments notice, feeling them get heavier and heavier throughout the day, so i’m often idly pulling up my tights and have the constant hesitance that my diaper is hanging below my skirt, despite being sure it’s not.

“Submission to the machinations of the world” is an ominous sounding phrase that’s been running through my head lately, and I feel that’s what my diaper wearing is. It’s not dependent on a partner or scenario, it’s personal, humbling, a means of checking humility… I can certainly be accused of acting too “big for my britches” or seriously or sternly sometimes, and it reminds me that I have this sweetness and littleness to me. It’s an old nugget, but my diapers help me be a better adult by adding some littleness to my daily life 🙂

Back to the saggy fun: I reiterate that Ptown is a unique place where you can be flagrant in ways that you can maybe only pull off at Castro/Folsom St and maybe Miami Beach or Christopher Street, and even then I wouldn’t just walk around in a diaper… little flashes for pics sure, but I’m not an exhibitionist nor would I feel comfortable/appropriate to just walk around in a diaper. So I did indulge, i’d go get my friend coffee in my saggy diapers and cute pink sweatpants, I’d wear cute skirts and tights and not worry about crinkles or bulges, just a happy diaper girl. Isolation got me a little agoraphobic I guess, I forget how much nobody cares and how everybody minds their business. And if they don’t, they should and i’ll remind them to, especially if they’re getting in my or my friends biz.

Someone said about getting older as a woman, you’re just ignored more, dismissed more, people tend to pay more attention to the effervescence of youth. I can see an upside to that, I’m ostensibly cuter and dress more provocatively than a lot of girls around my town so I get honks and leers, but the older I get the less so. I’d like to think it’s society respecting women more, but it’s more likely my crows feet… and that’s good, I never really wanted to randomly fuck strangers or construction workers anyway. Plus I like the idea of some guy looking at my Yoga pants expecting to see a nice natural butt curve but instead they see that signature saggy padded bottom illustrated below…

I’m not about to let anyone tell me what my ass is supposed to look like 😛 Anywhere else I would probably wear a thicker pair of tights and keep my long shirt pulled down, I often wear a little skirt or shorts over my tights to cover the bulge… but I can also bulge if I want to 😛 I see these comments of people being so anxious about noises or bulges, I could understand if you were a figure skater or working in close proximity to folks, but most people aren’t paying attention and certainly aren’t doing Ocular Patdowns for diapers. Except me of course 😛

I have been writing on the topic of insignificance and ephemerality lately as a point of freedom and self-awareness, but that’s not really ready to be premiered, saying “nobody cares about you” and making it sound like a positive thing is hard. I’ve been pushing the idea of “Sunny Side-Up Nihilism” for a long time but have yet to write a proper manifesto… might be a good time here in the dark of winter 🙂

So that’s that, I’m writing here in a soggy Molicare Small, going to have a shower and change into an M4 because I have some shopping to do, will probably come home with a full diaper and start the whole process again ❤ It’s the routine that really brings the joy, in Provincetown it was in one diaper and out the other and I’ve found myself staying pretty consistently diapered since coming back, if i’m ever out of the house i’m in diapers!

So have a wonderful day, more video soon, thanks for reading friends!!! And as always, StayDiapered!!!

(And Bucketlist post and Video coming sooooon!)

3 thoughts on “Peetown Pt. 5: EmBearassed

  1. Hehe great little post. Very thoughtful and made me smile. Thanks for being you and spreading love and encouragement to everyone that needs or just wants to pee in thier pants, lol.

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