Peetown pt. 6 – Just a Bunch of Pics

Hey there friends! Busy holiday girl, got my booster and feeling fine, crazy storms here, lots of filming and editing and fun stuff! Been a little gamer girl too, got the new “Pocket Monsters: Fancy Stone” and finished the heartbreaking but incredible PS4 Game “There Sure Aren’t Many of Us Around: Part 2”. I really, really think game streaming will be a super fun thing and I have been overthinking it too long! I have done it a number of times but haven’t really advertised and need to just make it a consistent thing, sounds like a nice way to hangout with other snuggly folks!

So i’ve been working on that among all the other projects I have going on 🙂 Things are good and exciting here, feeling happy and healthy and excited to make more stuff! Not enough hours in the day 🙂

I’ve really lost the thread on these “Peetown” posts, they were supposed to be mostly about Provincetown and I haven’t even posted all the super duper cute video I made there like, 2 months ago… I still plan on making those Size 7 Videos despite it being the Bicentennial of me announcing those 😛 Lobster Bucket Post coming soon too!

So my soggy little butt is going to just put up some super adorable pics and get back to editing and posting and all that! Also my Clips are now for sale on C4S, lots of great videos on there!

Lots of diapered adventures!!! Just some random pics from around town and the Nautical Shop where I found so many adorable onesies and outfits! Lots of M4s and soggy butts!

Happy thoughts friends, new post coming sooooooon!!!

3 thoughts on “Peetown pt. 6 – Just a Bunch of Pics

  1. Oh your so cute, I want to play with you in diapers so bad. Be couple naughty little girls and I’d love to change your diaper and play naughty naked together. We be great sisters I think.

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