Cool Cool Cuddles and Warm Warm Wishes!

Hey there friends! New video and some snuggly pics on this chilly Winter Solstice! Hope everyone has a warm stuffy looking out for them ❤

Won’t get too mushy but I want to send sincere thanks to everyone who’s shared a kind word or comment over the years, I’m healthy, happy and have the least amount of life woes than I ever have, all the hardships in life have lead me to my current life of smiley safety. I’m writing this with a little stuffed monkey under my arm, a nice warm song on the record player and optimistic thoughts of the future.

I appreciate the help keeping me motivated and reminded that we all have good inside us. I’ve learned that despite a lifetime of hardships we can find peace in ourselves and goodness in our lives, to have hope and a future. Happy thoughts, thanks for showing me so much kindness <3<3

Ok, monkey says its time to show off my cute dress and diaper! Here’s my newest video and some cute pics too! Hope everyone has a wonderful winter solstice and lots more video coming soon!

Happy Holidays & Stay Diapered!

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