NorthShore Trifecta Diaper Pants!

(Note: Diaper Layering post/video coming soon, videos filmed and everything, decided to expand on that project and got really excited about these plastic panties!)

Hi there fellow diaper wearers, changers and lovers! I have a new set of diaper pants to show off today from Northshore! I’m really excited to talk about these, you can learn all about them in this video!

Link to Order the NorthShore Trifecta!

These are a soft, shiny PUL material with a breathable fabric inside, I’ve worn them comfortably under clothes and had no issues. They’re soft too! The scorecard covers most of the things I have to say about it, my only criticism is that the inside sticking is visible but all plastic pants do that mostly. They’re not Rubber Pants and they are not hard, crinkly plastic, so if that’s your jam and you’re more interested in the material and not the function, than this won’t appeal to you. If you’re like me and are primarily into cute diaper accessories and want a functional, smooth, shiny diaper cover, these are great.

For plastic pants, you usually want to get a size Larger than your diaper size. I wanted to try a Small as I figured I could gauge the medium from there, I would go medium over the small if you seem to be my size, though I imagine they loosen up a bit in wear. Northshore is good about having a variety of sizes, so these go from 22″ – 64″ inches (55cm – 162cm) and have at max 10 inches (25cm) between sizes. I appreciate that because many ABDL brands tend to lack smalls.

I’m a big supporter of NorthShore and while I am not associated with them outside of my affiliate link, I’m glad I can continue promoting them as they are reliable and seem to treat the ABDL community fairly. I try to be a neutral party when reviewing products which is why I avoid talking about certain companies, I just genuinely enjoy NorthShore products and think many people will agree.

Also my reviews are generally positive because I really, really like diapers, a shocking revelation I know, point being is if you’re looking for hard hitting analysis you’re much more likely to find giggles and smiles here!

$39.99 is an investment, but that’s the price of a pack of Premium Diapers these days and these will last you much, much longer (though you shouldn’t pee into these without a diaper unless you wanna have some super wet fun).

I have only washed them once and didn’t have any issues, just cold soapy wash in an ancient washing machine and then a quick wipe of the outside for good measure then a low tumble dry with footies. It’s nice that I can wash them with my other Diaper Accoutrements and can be a little ruff with them. I would have trouble intentionally trying to rip the seams, let alone accidentally, but your results may vary. Northshore makes good stuff and have never heard an argument against them outside of personal taste… I do wish the Megamax had wetness indicators and their tapes were easier to get off but that’s off topic…

They’re also less sweaty then alot of pants, and they’re reversible though I don’t understand why anyone would do that, but it’s a nice feature! And they do fine with smellz and sounds, they serve their function both aesthetically and pants-wettingly. I dig em’!

Hope you enjoy the video and all the info, ordering Northshore through me helps out the site and helps me buy more diaper stuff! Diaper layering and Size 7 Pampers soon, the segment towards the end with the “Coming Soon…” tag is from my layering video, you’re gonna love it!

Sending warm thoughts! Be sure to check out my StayKinky paysites like my MVids, over 200 long-form videos! Some plastic pants and diapered fun coming to those! I really have been putting my heart into that site for the last 2 years and there’s some really incredible videos on there, check it out and help me make the best videos possible! I also have a less-explicit Patreon of weird secret experimental stuff and upcoming audio posts.

And be sure to like and subscribe! And you thought you’d get through this without hearing that 😛 Email signup for blog posts on the sidebar and my Twitter is the best place for daily pics and fun!

Be well, thanks for watching and StayDiapered!

ABDL Skincare and Healthy Trans Body Image

Some thoughts on skincare in relation to diapers and a discussion on healthy body image and the trans community… a supporting post to tomorrows “Diapers are Like Onions”.

First, let’s get some Skincare basics out of the way…

Skin/Hair problems come from an excess of 1 of 2 qualities, Oily vs Dry ~ You probably know which one you are, but breaking it down to those issues alone makes skin care a snap.

Cracking/Chafing? That’s dry skin, use lotion, less hot showers, less powder.

Breaking out? Use powder, air out more, use more astringent soaps.

You’re balancing your personal hygiene, the chemical composition of your pee, the environment (ambient/room temperature) and genetics.

I’m dry, so I use moisturizers and take cold showers (can’t recommend this enough, especially if you’re covered in come all the time like me, hot water makes come hard to clean off). If you have oily skin and you’re using something like a Dove Moisturizer bar, you’re soaking your skin, should be using something more towards the Salicylic angle. I stopped using heavy barrier creams every time I’m diapered and found my skin was happier for it, J&J Baby Lotion is just as good unless you can’t change all day. Find what works for you!

I often have a 30 second shower before bed so I can go into my diapers so fresh and so clean. I like to take a quick clothes-off hose-off when I change out of a soaked diaper, but that can dry me out so I balance using wipes v. showering. I LOOOVE hot showers but mostly avoid them outside of shaving, you have to be mindful of the skin drying/oil removing effect of water. If you can’t handle cold/lukewarm showers, you can still end your shower with some cold water to close them pores up. I also suffer from some minor Eczema issues on my face, upper body and on occasion downstairs and Eczema loves dry skin. Fortunately since quitting alcohol and nicotine my skin has really improved, your diet can have an effect as well. A habit of lotions and overnight cremes (good idea for anyone skincare conscious) helps prevention, though I’ve never been a fan of the experience of rubbing cremes on I’ve gotten used to it. Good skin and achieving your goals in general takes time and effort and sacrifice. “Everyone chooses between two Pains, the Pain of Discipline or the Pain of Regret”.

Keep in Mind: Lotions, Barrier Creams, Diaper Rash Ointment, Baby Oil, No-Rinse Body Wash, Powder and/or Gold Bond, these are all distinct things. Using the wrong product or substituting say, Baby Oil for Baby Lotion can lead to a break-out, but they also fill the same purpose on occasion. Some Gold Bond is just baby powder, and some of it can be anti-fungal and super helpful! Look up yeast infections, if you’ve got a vagina learn about UTI’s. Know yourself and read labels! And avoid Detergents, lots of Mens Body Wash is dry skin city and way too aggressively cleansing. Use Baby (not Kids, but Baby) or Girly products if you wanna be a big ol’ softy.

As with anything, the best thing to do is just Google “Best soap for ______ type skin” and go from there. Again, genetics/ethnicity are part of it too, some people just have challenging skin and we do our best to mitigate it, medications and stress are huge parts of it to. And then there’s shaving, which is a whole nother’ truck full of chimps. There is no lack of skincare content online and dermatologists or places like Sephora can do skin care analysis and lead you in the right direction. It takes time, and not until recently, my mid-30’s, did I get it all figured out.

And remember, if you’re interested in anti-aging, avoid the sun. It loves us but it hurts us with its love, I cover up when I go out, hats/long sleeves etc. Take Vitamin D supplements and enjoy natural ambient light but avoid direct sunlight, especially on your face. I’m out in the sun all the time, I just wear floppy hats, use sunscreen and cover up. Think Caliban from “Logan”. It works for me and I kinda love being able to wear a mask to keep the sun off. I think i’m going to live to 100 and don’t want to get any work done so I take precautions.

Realistic Body Standards For Transpeople Leads to Healthy Body Image!

Cosmetic surgery or photoshop filters may be fine for others but personally I try to keep it as real as possible. I don’t photoshop out blemishes or smear (much) Vaseline on my pics, I sometimes wonder how instagram people will react when they see what a real person looks like without all the heavy filters. I do a touch of smoothing but so many are as smooth/cgi as Pixar characthers. I hope there’s a cultural push back on that and AI generated images, I understand it for fun or dysphoria stuff and never call people out but personally, I think we need to be as connected to reality as possible these days. And all this obsession with image, I think not photoshopping my pics have always kept me humble. I’m sharing my life to show other transpeople that you can be your best visible self and live your life, sacrificing my anonymity to encourage others and I want to be as authentic as possible. It’s also a reason I didn’t like Mainstream Adult work, they really airbrush the hell out of their content.

I love the praise for how I look but what really matters is jus being a visible transperson. I know how alone I felt as a transwoman with noone to look up to, especially one who wears diapers, and it’s super important to me to encourage positive self image among folks who are going through the same stuff. I think that social media can make that all confusing, within the community you see all these perfect people and “if you do this you’re trans” posts and heavy makeup and you get the idea that being trans has to do with being pretty or your outward expression, when for me it’s always been about how I felt inside and then making my outside correlate with that. And not to criticize, really, I understand the importance of outward expression, cosmetics and even drag (which I don’t like really but will 100% defend) but my fear is the whole self-actualization part is forgotten and it becomes all about clothes and makeup and flags, marketable things.

Also, the solution to my personal gender issues aren’t solved (but i’d say they could be mitigated) by a tracheal shave or makeup or changing my pronouns, but rather something that requires medical intervention/hormones. The social aspects of my trans issues are a symptom of the larger issue for me, the fact that my body doesn’t want male hormones and I have a long medical history about that. I would take hormones on a desert island and deep down I consider myself more non-binary or a genderless “Riley”, when you’ve seen both sides the sides matter less. When it comes down to what really matters, connecting between people, genitals and blemishes and makeup don’t matter.

Being trans has never been about looking good, in some ways its a bonus and other way it’s made me more vulnerable to predators. I’m sure you know, attractive people are just as miserable and empty inside as everyone else, and relationships can be hard when you’re hot because people like you just for that, it’s hard to find authentic people who like you for who you are. The goal is to be comfortable with yourself in the mirror and that starts with realizing that Looks Don’t Matter. Once you stop judging others by their looks yourself, you stop feeling that effect from others as much.

With all that said, I applaud anyone exploring their gender and I hope the trans community can lower the temperature a little bit, I see a lot of infighting and anger and accusations. I’ve been called a transphobe more than once by actual transpeople, which is hilarious. I wish some “advocates” would stop holding others to their own angelically standards. I like having this space where I can share my thoughts in a long form instead of flinging poo like most of twitter seems to do. I think it also keeps me out of trouble, I can be clumsy in limited or impromptu formats. I think there’s plenty of room for all kinds of transpeople and I support everyone on the rainbow and would encourage more folks to take time to write their thoughts instead of engaging, I have lots of unsent tweets that served their purpose of catharsis but probably would have just stressed me out to post.

This went off the rails again… i’ll wrap it up from here, just remember Hanlon’s Razor when dealing with people online, “Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.“, meaning its better to assume someone’s ignorant first and cruel second, most people are confused or distracted or high, i’m usually at least 2 of those. If it took me my entire adult life how to properly bathe myself, don’t expect random cis people to immediately understand gender theory or remember literally anything. Anyway, feels good to defend cisgender folks now and then, they’ve had it rough lately. And I 100% support non-binary and trans people who don’t have dysphoria, and all the other/new expressions of sexualities and all the colors of the rainbow ❤

I’m out of here before I post something I regret 😛 Hugs post coming tomorrow, no audio version of this one because i’m hoarse from all the recording yesterday. Megabig post coming tomorrow, just wanted to get out these two supplemental posts first!

Diapers in Public: A Treatise

I wrote the following as part of a Diaper Layering essay but it really derailed that post so I’m posting it as a addendum to my “Riley’s Diapered Beach Adventure” and a preface to “Diapers are Like Onions”. Here’s my personal guidelines on wearing Diapers in Public before we get onto Thursday’s post about how much I love wearing Diapers in Public.

After my beach video I got a ton of comments that made me want to bring the “Diapered in Public” topic up again. My stance on ABDL-specific bad behavior remains the same common sense guidelines I’ve been repeating for years:

1.) Leave kids and non-ABDL people with incontinence alone

2.) Don’t deliberately put oneself into busy public spaces with full diaper exposure

3.) Don’t roleplay with random folks/be dishonest with non-consenting folks, like the creeps that hire and trick caretakers.

These instances are rare, especially the last one. Bad actors don’t last long in the community, usually due to canceling, jail, breakdowns etc. There’s a ton of pics/porn of public exposure, some where they obviously take precautions and are discreet (like my occasional public stuff) while others are extremely bold and careless (getting attention from strangers and doing it for the reaction). It’s at the very least extremely tacky (like a Youtube Prank show) and at worse legal issues or confrontations. I don’t want to hear about another ABDL going out in just a diaper because they saw someone online do it and get harassed or arrested. I won’t call people out by name, but I will use my platform to call attention to unsafe behavior… and I have been around long enough to see people act like this and end up in trouble more than once. You would be saddened to know how many ABDLs I don’t see anymore.

It bothers me so much, I’ve had acquaintances go “full diaper exhibitionism” and it usually coincides with a manic episode or some anti-consent mindset. I know a handful of folks that have gotten in trouble or disappeared after a public diapered spree, usually prompted by drugs, alcohol or imbalance. When I see people being reckless like that it’s a massive red flag and I gotta remove myself. Not saying that’s always the case, but in my experience it often is. I don’t want my Provincetown video to be miscontrued as an endorsement of full on public diaper exposure, I made it clear in the video I was in a very specific place where that kind of thing is (mostly) ok. You can’t just go diapers-out anywhere, what might be ok on Fire Island might not fly on Coney Island if you know what I mean?

And don’t get me wrong, be bold, I love a sneaky diaper peek or soggy flash under a billowing skirt or just some dude grocery shopping with a bulging diaper in their pants, live your life. And again there’s places like a Provincetown Beaches or Folsom St Faire or countless kinky bars/clubs/streets where literally anything goes, I have run around diapers-out plenty of times in places like that. Time, Place, Context, they all matter.

But 99.8% of the time it’s not cool to run around in public with no bottoms on, and there could be consequences. I certainly don’t want to hangout with those people, and while I’m not going to sacrifice my quality of life out of some abstract fear of traumatizing bystanders, there are limits and for me that’s full diaper exposure. Plus Kilts and Wraps are in style, athletic shorts and yoga/sweat pants and even footies are all commonplace nowadays, it’s really not hard to cover your diapers and still have total freedom.

And of course, Context Matters. These pics were taken at 6am in the morning, the streets were empty, I took them just out of an alley so I was largely hidden and I was in a town where Daddies dogwalk their boyfriends down the street in full BDSM gear. I would not have taken these pics later in the day or taken them on a random street in Philly or anywhere but a handful of places on the planet. We can have fun and live that thick diaper life, just be smart and be mindful of yourself and others! ~

In reality, most ABDL people are TOO worried about their diapers being exposed. I want to encourage healthy diaper activity and a consent-first mindset while not shaming folks into feeling they need to hide their diapers or be embarrassed/anxious about them. You can wear a paci and hold a bear and dress however you want, you can ask the clerk where the diapers are, you can crinkle and bulge. More on this next post, little preview below with that one bolded line I’m so proud of~

These points really only apply to a handful of bad actors so I hesitate to even bring it up, but I see people expressing worries about “what if people see my diapers??” so I wanted to talk it out. I also see people idolizing folks who do reckless public exposure and want to remind folks of the reality of the situation, nobody wants the wrong kind of attention. And I care because I’m Riley Kilo and I honestly care about the wellbeing of diapered folks and want to use my platform to steer our little community in positive directions. If you disagree it’s ok, but please be civil to each other ❤

These couple paragraphs took me a few afternoons of re-writing to get right so I didn’t want them to goto waste, I’ve written on this before but I think I’m burying this topic, this is the definitive “how I feel” post about this, I’m tired of talking about culture and standards, I just want to wet my pants and flop around. Thanks for listening, back to your regularly scheduled diaper fun!

Follow along tomorrow for my Diaper Layering post covering the positive aspects of going out in a thick waddly diaper!

Audio Version~ Balance is a little off, I tried to fix it in post but it’s not great, still getting comfortable with my new mic.

Peetown pt. 7 – Riley’s Diapered Beach Adventure!!!

Here it is!!! I had a big mess of footage and it took me a few months and renditions and a new studio mic! I am very happy with how it turned out, I hope you like it!

Should have 2 more Peetown posts incoming, have some travelin’ thoughts and a bunch of pics left to share. I also wrote a big thing about Diaper Layering but I’ll do that as its own big thing. Also a StayKinky video involving completely destroying a diaper in such a way that it’s been a couple months since I filmed the video and I’m still too embarrassed to actually watch it. So that’ll be fun!

I’m not sure what my next video will be, I think I might cover the different kind of new Pampers Size 7, finally got some of the Swaddlers! As I mention in the video, I’d love to cover some of the basics in my upcoming videos and work on my own take on sites like and the ABDL Primer, I have a bunch of domains… but I may start out with a little “Why I Love Diapers” video to get my creative motor running.

So after i’m done with Peetown, I’ll be getting into my ABDL Basics thing and finally start the Size 6/7/8 Pullups fiesta before they all get new renditions! But for now this little snugglebutt is headed to bed, it’s late and i’m sleepy and want to wake up fresh and smiley tomorrow <3<3 Don’t worry though, I’ll be getting my butt into a nice fluffy diaper, probably an Attends Premiere. It’s been nice watching all this footage of the beach as it’s been in the singles/10s/20s for the whole year nearly, very chilly baby!

Luckily I have a whole big pile of bears to keep me warm! Hope you’re staying safe and healthy!

Captioned American and the Winter Snuggler

If I were to pull you aside at a party to tell you the secret of not burning out in Sexwerk, i’d have just one word for you… “Diversify”. I’ve been exhausting my tolerance for staring at pics/video of my butt, it all starts to blur together after a while, you get sloppy cuts and exhaust yourself.

It’s exactly noon as I write this and I have been staring at my ass for the last 4 hours save for a quick English Muffin break. To me it’s very important creative work and I need to treat it with reverence, but that’s hard with so much content. And I try not to *force* creativity, but I also have deadlines on my videos… so i’m trying my best to balance my PC Editing time with Filming and other creativity/content. My goal last year was to start LiveStreaming but last year was a real cluster so I’ve rain-checked that to this year, and I’m starting out great. 

It’s a build up, I played PS5 on YT for a couple hours last week, then I’ll do some staykinky camming and some Ratchet and Clank a couple different days this week, then maybe I can get into a pattern of an hour or two several times a week, with an actual schedule and everything.  I’m staying positive and keeping busy on creative stuff is a great way to do that! I also just did a Resident Evil 4 VR thing!

So let me know about the captions if they’re readable or if you like them, I want to do more long form writing (working on a quick little Diapered Haircut story I plan to have out soon) so I can both publish it and do the audio of it as well. I’m also trying to make a caption a day, so these first ones my be a little rough but I’m playing around with formatting and not setting my grammatical standards too high, just having fun and being kinda squishy about it, writing these stories is funnnnn, particularly when in soggy diapers!

More stuff super soon, I’ll be making more captions, Bradbury said you should read (or was it write?) a poem, an essay and and a short story every night, and for me I want to make a caption/write a joke/chapter/blog post etc. and do some kind of visual art, pics or video, every day, except for when I give my brain the day off 🙂 Getting pretty good at this balance thing!

And on a completely unnecessary personal note, I have had non-stop stomach issues most of my life, due to anxiety and a sensitive stomach and a number of issues throughout my entire digestion system… but since a few days after Xmas, I have been doing pretty darn good. My body is confused like it’s expecting my stomach to hurt, but it doesn’t nearly as much or as often and that makes me happy. A healthy Riley is a productive one ❤ 

Happy thoughts, more posts and fun soooon! Thanks for all the support friends!!! I want to make good on all the support, so lots more coming ❤ Hugs!!!

Warm Diaper DressUp (New Year 2022)

Hi Hi!!! Happy New Year Friends!

I was considering making a big post about my video plans for this year, talk about streaming and make some promises etc… but I’m much more focused on doing right now than saying. So here’s a snuggly new video!

Ad for StayKinky: There’s an extended version on my MannyVids and Just4Flans, links on StayKinky! I’m constantly surprised how few folks know about my StayKinky/Sadie Hawkins content, I keep them fairly separate and used to be more strict about it as I didn’t want people to get a bunch of Tgirl pron when looking up my Diaper info, the adult stuff tends to dominate search results. But yeah, as Sadie Hawkins/TgirlSadie I’ve made tons of content, even won some awards/got nominated for an AVN. I post weekly, go check it out! I’ve been doing the studio seriously for a few years now and have tons of wild, creative content! Working on a 2022 promo reel today so keep an eye out for that 🙂 End of Ad Break

This is my first longform vertical video but don’t worry, I’ll still mostly make videos horizontally just playing around with some editing and new media stuff. I like long-form videos, most of my StayKinky content is 10+ mins while I try to keep my reviews under 10. I’m not as restricted to catering to the algorithm (which has very particular preferences) because I’m not going for the wide appeal or monetization. Its nice to have that freedom, I like videos with some breathing room to them and fully formed thoughts. With these short form video I’m having to learn how to say a lot or present a story in a short amount of time. There’s certainly room for both though, and I do plan on making plenty of wide bois in my time as well. I also don’t plan on going on TikTok because that seems to be mostly kids and propaganda bots and they have some super exploitive data harvesting issues that everyone seems to ignore.

For now I’m just experimenting with some different formats and playing around with editing tricks, dipping my toes into After Effects now that i’m hitting walls with Premiere, unable to do some of the wild stuff I want to do. Luckily I have had a very clear mind lately, sidenote: check out the supplement “Choline” if you’re an ex-nicotine person, really helped with my cessation fatigue. I’m feeling great, 80 Days and it’s completely out of my life and thoughts. So i’m looking good & feeling good and stuck at home so lots of exciting video coming soon! I still have my Peetown story to finish up and lots more coming sooooon!

And most importantly, I am sitting in a fresh dry diaper because I just changed out of my completely soaked night diaper. I was writing this post and realized my diapers were really saggy and not going to take another wetting so I just grabbed another Tena, layed down with my wipes and Raccoon and changed… such a good girl staying in my diapers!

I’m going to end this post with a bit of brutal honesty, CW ahead. I’ve been here before, where I’ve been optimistic and feelin’ good, healthy and happy and then all of sudden, the shoe drops, the pendulum swings and i’m broke and desperate and isolating and depressed, completely self destructing. If you’ve been slapped in the back of the head your whole life, even if you grow to be 100 feet tall and the slapper is long gone, you still feel like it could happen at any moment. And what scares me the most, is when I notice the “Self” in self destruction, when I’m acting in ways that could lead to bad life events, over working, engaging in conflicts, not taking proper care of myself and mental health etc. The world being tough I can handle, but I really don’t want to be the cause of my own problems anymore. As with anything, the first step is realization/admitting to yourself that you have a problem, and i’m glad I have the self-awareness to see when i’m acting manic or being a huge gendered slur.

So while life is all hunky dory, I’m keeping things on an even keel, I’ve seen how bad things can get and shant be doing all that again. It’d be nice to have a calm ocean with some chop here and there, some risks and excitement but no useless pain or needless drama. Deal?

Tricked ya, I’m gonna end this post with a big squishy smile! Hope everyone’s new year is going well, be healthy and safe and in whatever ways you can help your neighbors and friends and those who need it most ❤ Hugs and warm thoughts!!!

A Very Kinky Year: The State Of StayKinky

(this post is my new years announcement from my StayKinky site, very excited about this new year and all the SK content! Lots of new stuff coming here too!!!)

Hey there friends, Happy New Year!!!

Just wanted to update you on the exciting year ahead with some content calendar and new stuff!
This year i’ll be sharing Daily Pics, Weekly Videos and Live Content! I’ll be sharing some great archive photos (with some new ones too!) over the next couple months as well as some comps of great clips and cumshots over the years. I’ll be posting some brand new video intermittently 🙂

My content this year will focus on pushing the limits of a solo studio, more “Sadie/Riley” videos, more wild scenarios and special effects… but also more down to earth intimate content, live and impromptu videos, milky bondage situations and personal experiences and stories from my sex life.

I did a ton of personal work last year, hit 1000 Days Free of alcohol and completely quit nicotine, built a new studio and have been drastically approving my editing skills and production efficacy, StayKinky is running like a well oiled girl ❤

It’s also been a difficult year outside of the world issues and taking care of friends in hospital, Adult Content sites have been coming and going and a crackdown on the kind of content I want to make (Crinkle fetish/wetting/omo videos) has made things difficult. With that said, MannieVids and ClippySales are the place to find that kind of content, if you sub to OnryFans or PokkyStars you will be getting edited down versions of those particular vids, denoted by “Vanilla Edit” on the title card. Most videos won’t be like that, just my Crinkle/Wetting content that is not allowed on those sites.

I’d also love to hear more feedback! Feel free to leave comments or DM with ideas/requests and feel free to tell me about what you’d love to see more of! I’m naturally working on a slightly bigger butt too, so lots more cute booty this year 🙂

Coming up I have a video on the International Space Station, one where I make you breakfast in some cute overalls, crotchless panties, bunny outfits, vibrating plugs, my giant vintage kinky chair that I haven’t even shown off yet, so much incredible kink and fun ahead! I have a ton of potential and plan to start branching outside my solowork eventually, get more into writing, collabs and other means of sharing my kinky adventures.

And on a very Personal Note:

I am blossoming. My little chest is tender and growing, I’m getting curvier and softer and feeling very perky and adorable! Hormones are going great! I’m in a good, safe, productive place mentally and physically, I am not living on any edge or facing any immediate struggle. I want to send the biggest thanks for supporting my creativity, having faith in me and my art! I love what I do, so fortunate to make video for a living, it’s always been my dream and to have so many wonderful people cheering me on, love to to share all the smiles and kindness that’s been shown to me!

SO before I get too squishy, I’d like to start the year out with a bang! Here’s some pro photos I had taken of me, this would be 2010 in the S. Bronx. My boobs are almost back to this size again 😛 Thanks for supporting my journey, feeling great and hope you can share in my optimism for this new year! Happy thoughts and big snuggly, kinky hugs!

Riley Kilo ❤
(aka Sadie Hawkins)