“Just for Tonight Honey…” and Birthday Hugs!

Hi friends! This is Riley on my snuggly birthday day! I have a cute little caption story to share today!!!

It’s called “Just for Tonight Honey…” and it’s about a thoughtful caretaker taking care of a shy girls diaper needs ❤

Thanks for all the recent support on my sites and posts and everything! Feeling really excited about what this year will bring, I’ve already made bunch of kinky, fun content i’m proud of and have plenty of ideas for more!

More soon, including some cute diaper pics from today <3<3 Thanks and big hugs friends, and I also have an Amazon Wishlist if you want to spoil me a little on my bday <3<3 https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/SHLDC4NRIPYM?ref_=wl_share ~ Don’t feel pressured to at all tho, I know times are tuff ❤

Hugs from me and the bears!!! More stuff sooooooon!!!

Well Dressed and Well Diapered

Hi friends! It’s been wild n’ wacky weather around here lately, snow squalls and the wildest wind I’ve ever heard in my life! I have experienced a number of earthquakes (on both coasts), one in LA even knocked me off my feet, and one moment really felt like that, never heard wind so hard or so damaging, really thought a Bob-omb had gone off. I have always had spooky dreams about that… but that’s for another post, this ones about diapers and dappers!

First, this is from my sly YouTube where I post stuff that is too risque for my other YTs. It’s a secret, might want to keep an eye on it if you want to see my unfiltered weirdness. There’s lots of new unlisted and preview posts on my Patreon and MVids too!

Secondly: Whole outfit was maybe $25 all together, $12 Jacket, $1 Belt and $1 Scarf, $4 Jeans/Shirt/Undershirt, $2 Diaper. All thrift store fits except the shoes, which were bought on clearance for $35 and the Bra which was more expensive than anything. Now is a great time to hit thrift stores because they are turning over Winter to Summer, so smaller stores will have massive Buy 1 Get 2 Free or EVERYTHING 99Cents Sales. I have such an expansive wardrobe because I thrift but I also thrift smart, I try not to pay full price for anything, even at thrift stores.

Thirdly , I made a point this year to dress fashionably during winter, not just default to the overalls and big heavy jackets I wore the last few years. I have been wearing lots of cute outfits and adorable scarves and jackets whenever I go out, but frankly I am ready for spring!!! It has been miserably cold here and really want to get out and praise the sun again! Despite my aversion to sunlight, I really do love the sun and can’t wait to get out on more adventures (under a big floppy hat). I will miss my footies and super thick diapers, but I’m sure i’ll have some thick diaper fun regardless of the weather! I plan to get out and take alot more wilderness pics, there’s lots of beautiful scenery out here and the Provincetown trip really inspired me to do more photos and video in natural settings. This will be the summer of Diaperme 95′, if you’ll indulge my obscure Danish filmmaking references.

Ok! I have to get this out before the power goes out again, sending warm hugs!!! There’s also a new video on my Main YT, I somehow didn’t post that, will make a big deal of it ASAP ~ It’s my Diaper Layering Lab!

Thanks friends, I have so much great stuff to share i’m really having to prevent myself from posting it all at once! Lots more soon and no breaks or skips expected, life is good, i’m feeling good and my friend is getting healthier everyday, smiles all around 🙂

More soon! StayDiapered friends <3<3

NorthShore Promocode!!!

New NorthShore Promocode!!! Use the code “RILEY5off” for $5 OFF of NorthShore Products!

(One Time Use, Works With $99+ Free Shipping!)

Just being a Snuggly Northshore Girl!!! I have been asking for a Promocode for a while and i’m glad to finally get one to share with you!!! I’m really happy with NorthShore diapers and hope you give them a try, this offer is a really good one! I’m going to pick up some GoSupremes and Medium Pair of the Trifecta plastic pants to see how they compare with the Small, and i’ll probably get a White one to see if I can see how wet I am through them 🙂 I love Medical White stuff!

Hope you enjoy the code, I just picked up a Fancy New Green Screen and have been doing some streaming over on my StayKinky Youtube!

Happy thoughts friends! Feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions or recommendations about Northshore! I am not employed by them but they were nice enough to set me up with a promo code! More reviews and stuff soooooon!!! Happy thoughts 🙂 (Pictured is the Northshore Supreme Lite with an XL Booster!)

Diaper Lifestyle Layering or “Diapers are Like Onions”

Here it is! Demonstration video coming TODAY to Patreon and TOMORROW on Youtube! Hope you enjoy!

Peeface Preface

Let’s talk about Diaper Layering, shall we?

Couple quick warnings:

Brutal honesty ahead about body parts and diaper wellness!

Diapering comes down to the individual and there’s no single right way. I can’t wrap my head around taping the top tapes first but some people do it, people wear their diapers backwards or full of Jell-O, they could know something that I don’t. I know you’re going to hate this, but to find out what works for you you’re going to have to wear and wet a ton of diapers, you might even have a few leaks and humiliating nighttime accidents. You’ll suffer through it i’m sure, and you’ll be glad you did when you level up your abilities and become a true master of your own diaper methods!

This will eventually become a video and more concise guide, I wrote this back in October and want to finally put it out so I can reflect on it and get feedback. I find myself rewriting most of it as my diapering methods have evolved in the last few months, I see that as a positive result of being a such a good Diapergirl lately! The better I get at diapers, the less rashes for me and my diapered friends! So look forward to lots of infographics and re-iterations over the next few months, I have a new domain I’m working on for all the Diapering Basics, you’re gonna love it.

For fitting reference, I’m 5’7″, 120lbs with roughly 30in hips and 28in waist.

Alright, lets tape up and dive in!

Home is Where the Plastic Sheets Are

I never want to be in a wet diaper for too long. I get rashes really easy as I have woefully sensitive skin but thankfully I haven’t had rash issues in a long time, I can do things with diapers now that would have really bothered my skin in the past, like super-thick diapers and heavy wetting. I’ve been really cautious and learned what hygiene works for me. And I’m not really aspiring to 24/7, I’m more like 16/6, constant wear makes me break out too much and I like having a pristine butt for my videos/modeling content… but someday i’ll be back to 24/7. And even when i’m 24/7 I still take breaks, keep things flexible. I’ve been documenting all my diaper wearing this year so it’ll be interesting to see how many I actually wear.

When I wear to bed I’ll put on whatever comfy nighttime diaper I choose, I rarely layer at night. Regular diapers make me need a pillow between my knees already, and I’m usually safe with just a Northshore or whatever premium diaper I have around. I make sure to go to bed with clean skin with a little bit of protectant cream on diaper area and lotion on my cheeks/sides/lower abdomen. I often need to wet in the middle of the night and it’s much nicer to have a 4am wetting and then doze back off than to get up and pee… and I often don’t remember using them in the middle of the night. I’m a water-chugging transgirl on hormones so I always have to pee, Diapers really do help me get a better nights sleep. On top of that sleep has been really hard for me, bad dreams & restlessness my whole life, my Diapers really help minimalize that, a calmative for those late night intrusive thoughts. I feel ABDLs really hold the secret to “sleeping like a baby”.

For daytime around the house I’ll just wear a a random small diaper like a Tena ProSkin Flex or Goodnites or a BabyDiaper and change after a couple wettings. Usually after being in diapers for an hour I slip into the mindset of just wetting thoughtlessly and immediately, I’m a pretty well trained diaper girl! I’m still fully continent and am fine without diapers, i just adapt to diapers really quickly. I do occasionally have accidents where I think i’m wearing a diaper but i’m not, usually when I don’t wear to bed or when i’m washing dishes… that’s the start of a slippery slope to accidents!

So that’s my home diapering method! Since the whole C19 thing started my going out methods have significantly changed, these days this snugglebutt never leaves the house without a diaper on. But sometimes i’m out for hours and hours, so what’s a girl to do? Diaper Layering is the answer!

Diapers are Like Onions

For long diaper outings I follow this method…

I start out dry and clean (light blow drying especially if not shaved) and put a moderate amount of skin protectant cream (Bourdoux’s Butt Cream) on my parts and rub in lotion around the outer diaper area.

Then I’ll put on a Goodnites/BamboDreamy style pullup or Size 6 or 7 Baby Diaper as the bottom layer. I do NOT cut or modify the padding.

Over That, I’ll put on a full size taped brief. Examples being Northshore Supremes/Megamax or Abena M4s for normal weather/plastic backed and Attends Premiere for hot weather/cloth backed. This is where generics often come in as the top layer.

Finally I put on my tights or undies, usually if I’m wearing panties over them they’ll be big full-cut panties and if I wear tights I don’t wear undies over my diapers at all. I have been keen on bodysuits/onesies lately, they’re like shirts with built in panties!

Additionally I’ll often wear a Baby Diaper > Taped Brief > Northshore GoSupreme Pullups, so I can use the baby diaper, pull it off, have a nice fresh brief, wet that and then have my pullups as a final backup. It helps keep everything in place too and gives you a nice uniform diaper butt look. There are a few things as lovely as romping around in a nice thick diaper.

Why not make one big boosted diaper or make stuffers by cutting the baby diaper?

Layering comes down to changeability, fit and feeling

I’m fond of the MegaMax’s and boosted diapers if I’m not going to be able to change (like long plane/train rides or theme park days) or just want to be an extra squishy diaper girl for a while. But in most cases if I have reliable private space I prefer to layer so I can easily swap out diapers. Just a quick pull down, take the inner diaper out, wipe and then i’m in a fresh diaper! I can do it in my car, changing rooms, bathrooms, confessionals, any private place. I generally carry a diaper bag as a purse so I just bag it up and toss it or wait to toss it later. It’s just a little bit of extra self-care so little Riley’s not stuck in a wet diaper all day.

Fit is also important, most ABDL diapers aren’t made for small girls like me so I have to improvise, though I love that Northshore has Smalls and X-Smalls (though I wear Mediums in Winter usually). so many diapers have a wide margin so if you’re small you can be prone to leaks due to diapers folding up or gaps, I almost never leak due to capacity and when i’m diaper layering, I never leak. Being able to have a Pampers Size 6 snugged close by the thick Northshore covering it, I can reliably fill the Pampers without sagging or any worries, and usually a Pamper is good for 1-3 casual wettings and then the Northshore for a whole bunch more. I know that not everyone can pull down/re-arrange their diapers as efficiently as I can, but there’s a method to it i’ll share in the upcoming video.

I love the feeling of a thick bulky diaper, the joy of complete paddedness and the all encompassing, huggy safety of diapers, it’s incredible. I really think I imprinted on diapers when I was an actual baby, that feeling of a full diaper between my legs could only be defined as LOVE. The feelings people share in the most romantic songs or in the most intimate poems, that’s how I feel about wearing a bulky diaper. If you’re reading this you know exactly what I mean, absolute diaper euphoria, and I love to be able to carry that with me everyday. Sometimes we over rationalize diaper wearing, I try to accept that I do it because it feels amazing and makes me super happy. Not everything needs to solve a problem or be the result of one, some things can just be LOVE.

I don’t acheive the extreme bulk from ABDL diapers that I do from this method while also retaining a good fit. I layer diapers until I can fit a medium size diaper comfortably over them, I then have that comfy protected feeling with tons of absorbency and functionality! Plus, a stuffed Medium feels realllly bulky on me ❤ Like right now i’m wearing a Medium Northshore Supreme Lite with an XL Northshore Booster, it’s a similar feeling without the quick change functionality. It also kinda turns me into a mindless Diapergirl who can only think about pampers and cuddles, but that’s just a harmless side effect. I’m not layering because it’s 5 Degrees here so I’m wearing jackets and sleepers and overalls so won’t be able to easily change while running errands. I wore an extra thick diaper today so I can wet all day and not worry about any changes or leaks, it’s all about versatility and choosing the right diaper for the situation!

And this comes down to my mission statement for “Diaper Lifestyle”, simply to enable diapers as an option in life, and how to personally overcome the stigma of diaper wearing. A Diapered Lifestyle could mean being a 24/7 Waddler or someone who slips a Goodnites on for a concert and everything in between. More on this as time goes on, DiaperLifestyle.com to launch this year ❤

Wow, That Diaper Sure is Thick!

Since Covid, my hesitance to go out in a big thick diaper has disintegrated. I don’t use public restrooms and if I do it’s to change diapers and wash my hands, barely any interaction with fixtures. Diapers have become a big part of me being comfortable going out in the world and while sometimes I crinkle or bulge or have a little waistband showing, that’s just part of being a diaper girl! I’m not going to sacrifice my quality of life out of some abstract fear of traumatizing bystanders. If wearing a big thick diaper, comfy shortalls or having your plushie buddy or paci makes you happy, DO IT. And bonus points if you have trouble with focus, anxiety or attention like I do, wearing a diaper can really ground you during life’s inevitable stresses. Diapers are my water, my anchor and my floatation device!

I never leak with this arrangement, sometimes I get a little soggy around the legs but I’m so padded I never worry. I occasionally wear plastic pants for fun too, but mostly just my diapers and whatever cuteness I put over them. I’ll sometimes just throw on a goodnite when I go out and keep it casual, I’m flexible. But these days if i’m going out, I’m choosing to be thickly diapered and living my best life! I’m a Diaper Girl after all!

Thanks for reading, more diaper discussions and crinkly communique’s soon! Thanks for all the support and find out more on StayDiapered.com! Happy thoughts friends, may you’re diapered journeys take you to lovely places! Thanks again and StayDiapered!