Riley by the Barrelfull!

Hey there friends! Birthday excitement is over, had a really nice day on my Bday and it’s been a good couple days since, weathers starting to warm up, cute dresses are coming out!!! I have tons of adorable pics and videos ready to go, I’ve been super-prolific lately and producing more content than I know what to do with, it’s really exciting.

For the first time in a loooong time I’ve had to schedule out posts for the weeks ahead, it makes me feel all professional and everything. I like having a content schedule and know that if some wild stuff happens in my personal life, my well oiled content machine will continue to run for a bit. Now that I have a number of subscribers it’s super important to me to NOT go dark or have extended breaks, I haven’t always been consistent (though I have never left) and want to make sure people can confidently subscribe to my content, as well as just show that reliable ABDL content creation can be done. Small communities like this really get inspired by well crafted content. I’m still learning and my *everything* is still rough, but i’m getting better all the time!

This video is 30 seconds of 3 different takes of the same “Hi, it’s Riley” video!” I’ll post the finished 4th version in my next post ~ if you like headaches you’ll love this video!

To that point, when it comes to the conversation about “Not Looking Bad” in front of non-ABDLs, I’m less concerned about looking bad, there’s no way as in individual to prevent the creeps, predators and flashers etc. What you can do is be the best person you can, make the best content possible and show that the community has thoughtful, kind, consent-aware people in it. I put a ton of work into my videos because I think it shows that being ABDL doesn’t prevent a person from being smart and capable. It’s the argumentum ad verecundiam fallacy, the “Appeal to Authority” but more in the “they’re wearing a stethoscope so they must be smart” way. It’s a cheap trick but it works, it’s hard to be down on a girl who’s smiling, skilled and doing her own thing. See also: Prosperity Gospel or this Mr. Show Skit

I’m a solid believer in “If You Want To Make The World A Better Place, Start With Yourself”. Instead of being mad people are a certain way, instead I focus on being glad that I’m not that way. I can’t change others, but I can let my positive attitude radiate.

Little things like that I feel help the mental health of people feeling down on themselves, as a transperson I love seeing someone like Rachel Lavine (Health Sec.) or Amy Schneider (Jeopardy Pro) because they’re talented, accomplished people, something even the most rebellious or jaded of us can appreciate. Being hot is great and all but I’ve never found that to be a good value assessment, I’m all about knowledge and emotional intelligence. You can’t put vaseline or a filter on that.

I need to do more, my videos are still few and far between and I have hardly begun work on the next one, it dawned on me recently that I keep trying things that are just distractions, like video game streaming and posting on Reddit, I need to focus and just serve up that hot and fresh trans/ABDL content. And this is all in my free-time of course, StayDiapered is my personal mission where StayKinky is more my dayjob, my commissioned art. I love both and am so happy that things are going well with both, but I’m still not really there yet, I need to promote and really get my ass out there, fig. and lit. I need to get some help too, I have been doing this on my own for too long and working with fellow artists or having the occasional Production Assistant would be incredible.

Ok, my tummys rumbling, the bears are getting hungry too, we’re gonna go into the forest and forage for berries, maybe steal some hiker’s coolers and eat their jerky and continental cheeses. Tell me in the comments if you think this post had a point or not!

Hope you like the silly little video ❤ More soon, thanks for reading!

Song of the Day – Too Many Cooks – 8 Bit Remix

2 thoughts on “Riley by the Barrelfull!

  1. Thank you for pointing it out about positive and mental behavior is important. Your intelligence is far beyond your years of knowledge. Again thank you for the wise words of wisdom to a beautiful soul

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