3 Becomes 1

First off, it’s 1999, packing my lunch for High School, 107.9 The END (that radio station that did that deadly “Hold Your Wee for a Wii” contest) is playing 2 Becomes 1 by the Spice Girls in the car. I carpooled with the neighbors and their van smelled liked caramel corn and their daughter was a year older than me and she would always brush her teeth and spit out the window on the way to school so the van had toothpaste streaks on the doors. She was one of the first girls I ever made out with, once at a party at the “unsupervised” house, she was wearing a really big maxi pad that poked out of her sweatpants, I already had strong diaper interests and it seemed like fate was trying to make my love of absorbent padding as apparent and unavoidable as possible. She once wore one of her Dad’s Depends as a joke and I had to act like I wasn’t about to vibrate out of existence with excited tension. High school was wild.

That came out of nowhere, that’s the fun thing about writing, it triggers old memories. I have not thought about that neighborhood in a very long time, funny how everything seems like a blur until something brings up a very specific set of recollections. That same could be said for the very blurry last month, it’s been tons of adventure, hospital visits, world events, personal ups and downs, life has been very *full*! The storms here have been unreal, the snow and cold has been oppressive but thankfully I can still post and make content, though even with my heater and everything it’s hard to enjoy being naked in single digit weather.

So to follow up on yesterdays post, here’s a more tolerable video with only a single Riley. Some people say “the more Riley the better” but I’m not so sure, you’d need alot of diapers and you’d spend all day cuddling and changing pouty Riley’s. Plus the Riley’s would spend all day doing naughty things with each other, it’d be a sticky, unmanageable mess…

CW: some eating/emotional stuff

So I shant be signing up for the local cloning experiments so you’ll just have one Riley to deal with! On another note, one that I’m not sure how to approach as it’s sensitive, but I’ve been too skinny for a while now and I have been trying to put on a little weight, I gained 5 lbs. which is a big deal for me, I’m proud of myself.

Most of life I realize is just a struggle with oneself, when you’re young it’s a devil and an angel on your shoulders but as you get older it’s more like Jekyll/Hyde, Goofus/Gallant situation, Hyde forgot to eat all day so Jekyll is lightheaded, Goofus got upset with a friend so Gallant feels insecure, Riley is super social and busy then gets overwhelmed and can barely make a phone call. I know I’m describing any number of conditions but i’m more in the “I ate too many cookies before bed and now I have a tummy ache” level of imbalance, just been a looong February. I had a nice birthday and want to send more thanks for all the positive thoughts 🙂 Sending warm, warm hugs to you, the person reading this ❤

Anyway, here’s a little video about storms and snuggly feelings!

Thanks so much for reading, i’ll leave you some crinkly and cuddly warm fits, I’m so excited for spring but I do miss my footies and comfy soff winter clothes <3<3 Optimism ahead!

Tomorrow will be Elden Ring content! Hugs and happy thoughts!

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