Diaper Layering Lab

Hey there friends! I haven’t posted this one yet somehow!!

It’s Part 2 of my Diaper Layering Feature, showing you how I diaper up and get that super thick look and feel that girls like me love!

Below are some lovely layering pics, this spring and summer is going to involve alot of cute dresses and thick diapers ❤

Happy thoughts!!! More stuff soooon!!!

3 thoughts on “Diaper Layering Lab

  1. Dear Riley Kilo,
    I have found you very interesting, and delightful, and very arousing to look at and wonder about.
    I hope some day, we can actually meet and talk about whatever.
    I am in Central New Jersey.(Somerset)
    Thank you.

  2. God I love your thick diaper so much. I bet it holds a lot of pee pee. Does it? And your so cute. What I’d give to play with you dressed up as little girl with you. Do you have full time lovers Riley? I bet you do. I love 💕 your collection of dresses and outfits.
    Hugs and 💋 💋 kisses

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