State of The Riley Address – 3 Years Ago Today

New video! Took some time for introspection but now it’s time for cuteness and cuddles! Hope you like the video, it’s super cute I think 🙂

Video Description:

Just a little update about how this little snugglers doing!

Thanks for all the support as I work on the kinks of my studio! More and More Soon, next up will be a “My Cute Room” Video most likely.

About the 3 Years Decision…

CW: Addiction and Soapboxing Here’s a Read-Along video I made in December on my 1000th day of Quitting Alcohol ~

And as an added bonus, i’m 150+ Days away from Nicotine too! People can find comfort in these things when they can’t find it anywhere else, so please be kind and patient to your friends who may be struggling. Addiction does not make you a bad person, the world is ruthless and full of traps, social, chemical, psychological and often all three. Look out for each other, vote and advocate for addiction services and compassionate care, not prison or prohibition.

I don’t feel comfortable sharing any specific recovery recommendations but I can say the solution is through mindfulness and self-love, whatever gets you there I fully support. If you’re lost in the woods, Allen Carr books are a good place to start, I found “Easy Way” to be a bit tongue and cheek but it’s good stuff. I haven’t read his alcohol book but I did read his Smokeaway stuff, can recommend as base-level theory.

And don’t pay the ferryman, or rather avoid promises from those claiming to speak for a higher power, use caution around those who seek people at their lowest points or offer expensive solutions to complex problems.

Love yourself. Change yourself, change the world! Hugs friends!

3 Years Ago Today is one of my favorite Built To Spill Songs – CW: Sad, Weird Lyrics.

2 thoughts on “State of The Riley Address – 3 Years Ago Today

  1. Re: 150+ days away from smoking….I am now @ 42 years since quitting cold turkey. Easy to do if you’re serious about quitting. I didn’t wait for my doctor to say “Quit, or else”. I made the choice before it was too late. Best thing I’ve ever done.

  2.    Thanks  for sharing and writing to all of us, Mrs. Riley Kilo.I too have stopped drinking, now, and since my wife of 28 years has passed away in 2019.I enjoyed the videos and all the things you have gone through, even though some weren’t “enjoyable” to and/or for you. Write me if you feel like it. Ken

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