Little Sailor!!!

Trying out the “VideoPress” Feature on this site <3<3

There’s audio on these too so check your speakers 🙂

Wrote a big post today about some upcoming stuff, found some chimpmunks nested in my cars engine and chewed on the cords (though I drive it everyday…) so it’s been exhausting. I had a really nicer easter and I hope everyone had a lovely Passover or Easter or Pagan sex parties, whatever you do to celebrate the season!

I was going to post this on Monday, but it’s Thursday now! Had such a ridiculous week last week I had to take a couple days just resting up and getting my home back in order, though I’m barely there. Going to get to the content grindstone today, new writing coming to Patreon and some pics coming to my paysites! I posted a ton of video last week on my StayKinky sites, i’m making some really great content i’m really proud of! <3<3

More soon!!! It’s April and still snowing!!! AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH

2 thoughts on “Little Sailor!!!

  1. Hi. Riley, I started watching you a while back because we have sort of a common interest, diapers. At my age (76), health issues caused me to become urinary incontinent, and I must wear diapers 24/7. I am not an ABDL although I often fantasize being one, but unable to to act on it for obvious reasons. I do however have a caregiver, my wife of 51 years I currently wear depends but they are somewhat undependable. I have those sudden urges and if I don’t make the loo in time. Many unavoidable accidents do occur and the Depends usually leak. I know you do review different brands and would appreciate some suggestions on a brand that might solve my leakage problem. We live in the Northeast United States (Vermont). Much like you, I prefer the bulky ones because my “voids” are most often, quite significant. I’m not ashamed to be wearing them. I have a health condition which necessitates their use. Any recommendations would be appreciated.

    Yours truly, Rissa Lynn (Miss Riss)

    PS: I’m also a non-surgically reassigned Male to female transgender. Also, I always use Dottie’s email addy for all communications.

    I Always insist on products/merchandise “MADE IN THE U.S.A.”! “Decent human beings treat other human beings like decent human beings. Manners, kindness, respect and compassion are just the start.”

    “One’s gender Identity is not always a visual one.”


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