StayDiapered Audio #1 – Kindness Shown

Hey there friends! I decided this morning to put out a little podcast, I had lots to talk about and I figured today would be a good day to try podcasting! So here’s my first episode!

Just wanted to add a few things:

That film club was a very significant point in my life, it shows up a few times in my story. It was a catalyst to alot of good, bad and lifechanging, it’s where I met some great folks but also met one person who did me quite a bit of harm. It’s been strange writing about this again, now that I have some closure on the whole situation with “The Doctor”. That’s a story for a whole ‘nother post or ideally never, today’s about smiles and some of the coolest people i’ve met in all my travels!


The commenter I mention in the audio wasn’t really participating in ABDL or saying they were “into it” (I wouldn’t imagine) but rather just commenting on it like one would any post. People know what we’re about, we’ve been around long enough. The people who have a problem with us doing our thing are going to have a problem with anyone doing anything they don’t like, so Fuck em’.

We’re winning this thing you know? We the free-thinkers, the iconoclasts, the queers. Who didn’t buy the “Independent Thought” pack at Wal-Mart, but are truly *different*, those who have been in the shadows forever and are finally getting to step out into the sun. And look, noone got hurt, the kids are safe, nothings changed except some folks might have a slight crinkle and smell a bit more like baby powder now πŸ™‚


I don’t really engage with Instagram like I do Twitter, I only post/check it once a day really and get alot of comments, it was a bit random to see it. Really goes to show that one little comment can really make someone’s day, want to send big thanks for all the kinds words from friends and fans over the years πŸ™‚ And social media is getting kinkier all the time, Instagram is filled with bikini models and pimple stuff (i hates it) so my cute diaper cosplay stuff is tame in comparison, and I post mostly tame stuff on Insta because it’s a pretty tame site, not many wet diapers or really explicit poses basically.


Being associated with me has one major drawback: I could mention you in a story someday. I leave names out etc. and keep my personal associations private generally, but you may end up in a blog post because some innocuous act of yours was the catalyst for introspection.


Thanks for listening, would love some honest feedback, I know I’m too close to the mic and it’s too peaking hard but I think it sounds alright for a random morning. I produced this in about 4 hours, and then a few rendering mistakes and writing all the copy for it/this post took another 2, but 6 hours of my day for 16 minutes of audio isn’t half bad. I’d love to do some interviews and get more comfortable, I can talk quite fast and would like to get a little more precision and flow there. But good start?

Thanks friends. Hot topics coming soon, I’ll be dropping that article on “#ABDLTruth” here shortly and taking on some heavy issues, but sunshine and smiles for today πŸ™‚

Peace friends, more stuff soon!!! Couple random pics from this week πŸ™‚

3 thoughts on “StayDiapered Audio #1 – Kindness Shown

  1. Wow! That first picture of you in that Brown dress thingy is Very Nice! Please write me at any time to so desire to. Thank you!

  2. Again I am so glad that you are sharing your life stories with us. You are truly a valuable human being and gorgeous young lady. I feel like I have grown and gain so much wisdom from such a beautiful soul. Again thank you.
    Much LOVE

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