ABDL Accountability – Episode 1 – ABDiscovery

Here’s my first episode of my ABDL Accountability Series, first discussing ABDiscovery and their history of Content Theft and other Woes.

The purpose of this video was for it to stand alone, so I don’t feel the need to add any clarifications here. That will probably change, as I’ve already thought of a couple… But i’ll save them for now.

If the comments to the video are closed, it’s possible Youtube has closed them as they do when there’s too many spam/flame comments.

I’ve never been more nervous about putting a video out but it’s damn time we talk about these things. I hope this prevents any future theft on their part, and discourages others from behaving this way.

This is my first one, it’s rough and the pacing is weird and I probably should have written a script or something. I’ll try harder on the next one, i’m a one-girl crew, DIY, no formal training, have a million things to edit outside of this… i’m getting better all the time 🙂 I look gorgeous and I think people are getting comfortable with this format, I wanted it to work both as a podcast and as a Video Essay one could dive into if they want to.

Next up will be something fun, then more ABDL Accountability once I shower off all the stuff from the last one. Hugs friends, getting my CV Booster tomorrow so I may be out for a few days. Talk soon.

StayDiapered ❤

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