Blossoming Spring: Time Flies

I’m logging in on this lovely Friday night to update my site and realize I haven’t posted in 9 Days, when it feels like I just posted a couple days ago… it’s been a fast year and this little girl is bearly keeping up!

I think this will be the end of my Blossoming Spring thingy, go check out the video if you haven’t yet, one of my best performing videos of all time! I did a ton of prep for my review of the new SIZE 8 Cuties tomorrow and I am shooting again after taking a couple weeks to do catch up editing, so much new coming to all my paysites, lots of really naughty diaper fun 🙂 Best site is for that!

Here’s the pics, have a journey to Shenandoah Nat’l Park coming soon and more exciting diaper adventures! Thanks for coming along and I hope everyone is having a fantastic summer!

3 thoughts on “Blossoming Spring: Time Flies

  1.   Great pictures.  Still,  the fantasy of just being able to hold you and kiss you is VIVIDLY strong, so I hope you “get lost” in the middle of New Jersey some day, so I can help and…

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