LetsGetSRS #36 – 6 years ago today

Hey remember that series I did a million years ago called Let’sGetSRS where I talk all about my transition and stuff? Well it’s back now but it’s not in POG form, I have a brand new video to share talking all about my transition! Just a little 1 month update with some history thrown in the mix!

Thanks for watching and I have a similar video but with a diaper focused update coming soon!

On a personal note I have a very close friend who’s going into get a heart procedure today and I’m going to be be by their side, it’s been a tough week getting ready for this and I’ve been a little quiet for that reason. Whatever you do to send love and support and good wishes, I would really appreciate it. Thanks friends ❤

Hope you enjoy the video and life is as difficult and complicated as ever but now I’m doing it in the sunshine and I’m a very happy girl. More stuff soon thanks for watching!!!

5 thoughts on “LetsGetSRS #36 – 6 years ago today

  1. Good luck to and for you, AND your friend with the heart condition as well. I hope they get and feel better soon.
    I do admire you, so I do hope you know that you can feel free to write me regarding anything you wish to discuss and what-not.
    Thank you

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