August 2022 DiaperCheck! Hormones, Happiness and Huggies!

Hi friends! Just a cute little video with some pics and previews of upcoming excitement!!

I’m appealing the Age Restriction thing, all my videos are 18+, all age restriciton does is kneecap kinky and queer creators. If I was wearing a see-thru thong or murdering someone it’d be fine for youtube, but a big diaper, how dare I!

Here’s the new diaper company. Looks legit, there have been fake companies in the past just stealing preorder money but this seems ok. Though They seem to not have a website, a stunningly easy thing to obtain nowadays. Check out “The Cuddle Cooperative” on Twitter. Also Rearz in Canada has a new diaper.

So about the MyInnerBaby thing, here’s a link to some info about it ~

They’re getting jerked around by their local city council and this may set some interesting precedent. My heart goes out to them and hope they get it figured out!

Thanks for watching! More sooooon!!!

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