Virginia is for Diaper Lovers #5 – There and Back Again

I’m really enjoying the new Lord of the Rings show, I’m watching Dickinson, Severance, GOT and LOTR right now, all good so far. Apple+’s “Dickinson” about the titular Emily is pretty silly and great if you’ve missed it.

I told myself I wasn’t going to write a ton of stuff this morning as I have lots of editing to do this morning, it’s 5:30am and I’m listening to the Pixies, the condition to do my best work. Going to spend the next few days in a big hotel room, I’m back to that again. I haven’t been doing any Mommy or IRL gigs since the pandemic and even a while before that, I would never put anyone at risk and I wasn’t doing great so I temporarily retired. I have been starting to fill my dance card again. Inside Me is Two Wolves, one that loves changing diapers and cuddling cute babs, and one that loves having their diapers changed and being cuddled. I just enjoy it all really, I just really like diapers and the emotions they evoke in people.

I banked a paragraph of insecurities as part my recent “keep it positive” motif, I also promised to not take all day writing so I will leave you with some cuddly pics and a few statements to ponder~~

~~ People are more offended by someone dressed like a cute diaper princess than all the offensive and aggressive tshirts dudes wear. People don’t like a challenge, so they pick on small communities or pick on people in their own small communities.

~~I have been a ___________ my whole life. I don’t plan on stopping now.

~~Got a Consultation appointment for my Orchi! November and then will probably schedule the actually procedure out until next year.

~~ I should explain my methods of taking sneaky public kinky pics, I’ve been doing it forever and never bothered anyone or had any real awkwardness, I have a few rules and teachable methods. Video soon maybe.

~~I wear a Silver Jews shirt/reference them often, Silver Jews is a great band, adjacent to Pavement. Their frontman, the late David Berman, is Jewish. I have lots of Jewish friends and family and was raised with some influence tho I am non-theist and if i’m going to fear and worship anything it’d be the Sun.

Here’s some pics!!! More on the lake and the first two I later learned were taken in front of a confederate monument, not something I’m used to seeing. I realize now that I propped my phone on a Confederate Monument to take diaper pics, there’s some joy in making an old dead racist general take pictures of my diaper butt. At least their life had some worth.

More sooooon!!! Going to be busy the next couple days, newness on Friday! And newness on my paysites most days including an incredible new diaper shower video πŸ™‚ staykinky manyvids dot com!!

Song of The Day: Silver Jews – Open Field

Virginia is for Diaper Lovers #4 – Super Alright

Hello friends!!!

I am actively working on the Virginia video today! Today is the first day I have no real plans, I could lie in bed and pee my pants all day if I wanted to. But I am up at 6:30, listening to the new Built to Spill album (incredible) and writing this. Someone stole my garbage cans yesterday (??!!?!) and I have to call some urologists about my Orchi and physical therapists about my back, catching up like mad after a few weeks of non-stop travel. All the travel pics are edited and video is started, but first will be my “Trans Breast Growth Journal” which should be going up on my Trans Youtube today.

New Built to Spill album is incredible.

Ok, enough distraction, lets get to the gorgeous diaper pics!!! These are from the first night and first morning in Shenandoah ❀ I was reading about a video game having a 5 year content plan, and I’d like to introduce you to my 20 year content plan.

Basically just more of this πŸ™‚ I have been putting too much effort into my content (read: over-editing and over-thinking) and not posting enough on here. I plan to do more travelogue and quick reviews. Also, this Kat thing will be my last “ABDL Accountability” for a little while outside of an upcoming “Mommy Scams Video”. Take a break from the drama, I’m exhausted and need to elevate from the sewers. I need to focus on what I do best, make inspiring, smiley content. I think put out too much negative media, I’m really a smiley happy girl most of the time but I don’t think my blog reflects that, I guess I use you folks as a dumping ground for my woes. I need to get the ratio back to more smiles and less pouts. I hope this is a good start!

On the new Built to Spill album there’s a song called “Never Alright” followed by a song called “Alright”. And right now, i’m Super Alright.

This trip made me realize how beautiful I am. I say that with every humble and self-effacing urge pulling back at me but I really am gosh-darn beautiful, and still. Aging has been good to me and my brain. The storm and static of youth, I couldn’t see the beautiful girl underneath. She’s budding, making her way out finally. It’s about time, and she’s emerged as bright and colorful as can be.

The plan is to carry on sharing my life, more raw and unfiltered, keeping things smiley with the inevitable bit of sadness here and there. I don’t want to sanitize and you know me, I embrace pain and misery, but I create to create joy, not anxiety or fear. There may be a place in my art and writing for that, but I feel I overindulge. “The Riley Show” needs to be more like Bob Ross and less like Lars Von Trier.

I want to be an example of overcoming fear, that’s my whole story, right? Courage and Confidence, overcoming, going from not alright to alright. Not just falling down and getting back up, but growing wings and flying.

So I can promise a tone shift around here, will be my place for the deep sads. So many people expressed that I “seem much happier” since I left twitter and they’re right, I was such a bummer on there. I have so much warmth to share, and not just in my diapers, let’s keep it smiley and snuggly and just slightly sardonic. Less meta commentary (like this post) and more diaper fun!

Thanks for reading, turning a new page here in a bunch of ways and just so happy to be here πŸ™‚ Also go check out Evie Lupine’s Review of the ABDL VICE video, Evie Lupine is like, *the* kink commentator online. Check them out! More soooon! Thanks for listening and more Virginia trip pics fun and details incoming!

StayDiapered Friends!

Pink Dress -Soggy Northshore ~~~ Frozen Leotard – Soaked Northshore ~~~ Blue Leotard – Cloth Diapers/Sigzagor Cover

Virginia is for DiaperLovers #3 – Start at the End

Holy heck friends, it’s all over finally! This has been a wild summer but the last 3 weeks have been wilder! Tiny content warning for family/age/random trans stuff.

It all started with my Doctors appointment and good news and has continued with the goodness. On Sept 11th I went to Virginia, on the 14th I went to Shenandoah Nt’l Park, on the 17th I came back, went to the Renn Faire, hired a plumber for an emergency (never fun coming back to one), did as much editing as I could until the 20th when my Mom came to visit. Spent the last few days hanging out with my Mom, seeing the sites etc, I feel i haven’t had a home cooked meal in a month, I have walked over 10k steps everyday for the last 3 weeks. I have been eating like a horse loose in the green bin and i’m bent over as my congenital back issues are worse then they’ve ever been… but what’s on my face? A big ol’ smile.

Some of these pictures are the best pictures i’ve ever taken, some are sloppy and fun, some are a stark reminder of my age. I have been preparing myself for the effects of aging my whole life, and I just have to puff out my chest and realize i’m beautiful and people love my cuteness and crinkles, regardless of the wrinkles. Back before “Demotivators” were a meme, a guy I knew started it with this and I think of it often.

I try to live my life on this platform as an example, show folks you can age naturally, not edit out blemishes etc and still be happy and proud in your body. I do a little color editing but I see so much of the internet is vaseline and that same smooth barbie/kardashian face that I think is just homogeneity and marketing and generally bad for society, womens esteem etc. Never pay someone who says they will make you beautiful, send you to heaven or set you free. Don’t Pay The Ferryman.

What the heckers does this have to do with Virginia or Diapers? Nothing Really, it’s just the end of a long, long holiday and i’m aimlessly reflecting like a disco ball. I’ve lived a full life, and my face and body reflect it, I’m a well traveled girl πŸ™‚ I spent the last few days with my Mom, who looks great for her age, despite not being a person who cares about cosmetics whatsoever. She also has MS and any number of other health issues but still keeps at it, is incredibly tenacious. We’ve made peace with the stuff that happened during my childhood, and while some of it was unforgivable, time and terminal illness heals all wounds. Glad we’re part of each others lives, though a couple days every 6 months is enough for the both of us.

Pics are from a play area in Virginia, some friendly horseys and some lovely quiet lake views! I’m being such a tease because I have a million cute diaper pics and i’m playing coy with them. Lots of diapers coming tomorrow, I promise!!! Here’s one from the top of the mountain as a little preview πŸ™‚

She also dropped at ton of pics from when I was a kid, going to post a few to my Patreon but here’s a couple when I was 18 when I went to Beijing πŸ™‚ I have a vagabond spirit, so does my Mom, until recently I never lived in the same place for more than a few years, travel is in my heart, and hope to continue with my live meetings and so-on, I miss being a Mommy to strange diaper friends. I want to meet some new friends, I have been disposing of some old “friends” who took advantage of me when I was unhealthy or didn’t support my recovery, I am doing great and don’t need people like that dragging me down. It’s a good time to burn leaves, branches, bridges, if they lead to rotten things. I used to compromise my integrity a lot, hungout with people who didn’t have my best interest. Glad I have moved on, my family treats me like a new person, people on the internet seem to like this healthy, active version of me, one of the greatest fears of putting yourself out there, being rejected, but I have a big note on my desk that says:

“It’s OK to be wrong. It’s OK to fail. You’re Unafraid to Make Mistakes”

I also have a note that says “Maybe Happy Things Make Me Sad Because I Know They Won’t Last” and “Diapers are My Yarmulke” (meaning they provide humility, deference to universe). Let’s just say the wisdom of my desknotes is hit-and-miss to say the least.

Ok, this post is going wayyy off the rails. Here’s a couple china pics, going on a little adventure today, my friend has doctors appointments everyday this week so i’ll be a busy girl advocating for someone I love, on top of doing some editing and starting to reach a conclusion on the Kat thing. Busy busy girl, but happy, smiley and full of life!!! More tomorrow!!!

Virginia is for Diaper Lovers #2: Pork Country

CW: Transphobia and Hamophobia

I often question if the main issue cisgender men have with transwomen is the average cisdude couldn’t possibly imagine losing their virility or genitals. They identify strongly with their dicks and ability to get erections, it’s a big confidence factor especially among ones peers. Same with non-diapered people v diapered people, peeing your pants or wearing diapers is like worse case scenario for many folks, they can’t stretch their empathy/worldview/disbelief and know their perspective may not be shared with everyone. I try to be openminded, even if I didn’t have a strong inherent desire to wear diapers i’d probably give it a shot, i’d do anything once, try anything twice, and like Mae West, “if I like it, 3 times to make sure”

I feel the same way about the South and their xenophobic nature in regards to religion. Once I left Gettysburg heading South it became clear that pork rules the day, every place was a BBQ place, every mascot was a silly smiling pig or clinical dissection chart, nothing in-between. Imagine sitting down to someone in this town and explaining “naw, even if ribs were touchin’ we’d never swallow the ham“. Always reminds me of Homer going “No Meat? What do they eat, lightbulbs?”

Though I have the utmost respect for my veggie/vegan friends, they call me RileyBBQ for a reason, this little girl loves some brisket and smoked meats πŸ™‚

Travel exposes us to different cultures but this trip I plan on only exposing myself, as I need a break from the exposΓ©s. I want my skin to touch the sun, I want to eat like a fool and shirk my obligations. Since I started StayKinky in the months leading up to the pandemic I have been totally nose to the grindstone, even my trips are for family/obligation or content mostly, flying to LA to do a bit of media or filming up in Ptown or family back in Sac. Then I come back and jump back on the editing/publishing wheel.

And for real, I LOVE IT, I love making content, it’s what I want to do with my life. I love sharing my life and expressing myself, I love taking pictures of my ass, I love being a solo studio that blows a bunch of the hardcore studios away. I love the positive feedback and the hate is thin on the ground, especially since focusing away from Social Media. I feel purpose when I hear my posts inspire others, to share or to simply be. I’m singing the songs I want to sing. I don’t get astronomical numbers but I accepted a long time ago that I have a limited audience and instead of trying to go for some wide appeal, I just want to serve content to those who’ll have me, and rise above the rest. Living well is the best, and i’m so glad to have a small, attentive audience than a million likes but no love.

I need a break though. I got through a “life is great” to “fuuuck i’m depressed” cycle that’s often spurned by exhaustion, life gets overwhelming and I shut down. So I’m going to spend more time in hotel rooms doing what I want to do. When you work from home, are self-employed, you work for a cruel boss and you work all day everyday, i’ve been in such an editing deficit that I fill every waking moment where i’m *not* doing some other kind of work with editing. “time to take a break from cleaning the kitchen to edit”, “just ran errands, time to relax with some editing”, my playstation is considering leaving me, it says it wants to go somewhere it’s appreciated. My family are *aholics, mostly workaholics but various other kinds as well, we’re busy people, survivors.

So I packed up some diapers and dresses and my dear friend and got on the Country Roads to the South, to Shenandoah, to take off some weight and enjoy my beautiful diapered trans life.

Diaper Rainbow

It’s weeks like this that make it all worthwhile.

More stuff soon. Enjoy the piggy pics and smiles from the road. In the present: the next 3 days for me are family family family so might be a day or so until the next post, which is going to be very wet and wild πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Thanks for listening. More stuff soon!

Song of the Day: Nelly – Country Grammar or Cake – War Pigs (Sabbath is better but this is good too)

Virginia is For Diaper Lovers #1 – Plogger

Hi there friends!!! It’s little Riley back home in the North ready to tell the story of her long adventure into the crusts of the South! I didn’t get 100 miles from the Mason-Dixon but I did get some down-home cookin’ and more than a few spectacular views and serene moments in nature. I really treasured this time on the road and it’s set in motion more exciting travel in the future! So let’s get to it!!!

I plan on telling this story in a bunch of ways, some I haven’t really figured out yet, but I want to start telling it while it is still fresh in my metaphorical soul.

β€œThe story is not in the plot but in the telling.” says Ursula K Le Guin, while Ibsen said “a picture is worth a thousand words”, so let’s allow the photos to start the telling while I figure out the rest. These are all the pics of myself taken with the DSLR, which I learned a so much about this trip!

I will start the story in the next post too, this is pre-flight check, make sure you’re properly comfy and ready to go on a wonderfully diapered, green, sky-high adventure!

Coming up are some video logs, or vlogs, today is just a little picture blog, a plog, with just a little wrogging to fill it out. Next post is going to include some of the best photos i’ve ever taken. Coming tomorrow! I have a busy next couple days hosting some travelers so lots of pics coming in while I write and think and catch up on my other projects, including a breast growth diary and a follow-up on the latest accountability project and my 3 Big Asks.

Thanks and i’ll end it with a pretty friend I encountered on a trail πŸ™‚

StayDiapered friends ❀

Song of the Day: The Cure – Pictures of You

2 More Before We Get All Up In It

Wheeewww! I have a ridiculous pile of photos and over 150Gbs of videos from 3 Cameras to interpret, it’s like a big pile of christmas lights to untangle! The first video is up from my trip on my kinky sites, a cute little shower video ~ I took a very extensive travelogue of kinky/diapered adventures as well as scenery and just fun vlog stuff! Really excited to share!!!

Here’s another little preview!

Here’s another one!

Be sure to check out my paysites to see these kinds of videos early! More sooooon, let me get to editing so I can share all this fun <3<3 Talk soon and STAY DIAPERED!!!!

You Put The Wrong Emphasis on the Wrong Syllable

I often lie awake at night thinking about this clip form the terrible 2003 Mike Myers/Gwen Paltrow movie “A View from the Top”.

But that’s not what this post is about! I’m editing some awesome pics and more from my Shenandoah adventure and I need to dive deep into that, so here’s some cute pics to tide you over, raw and unedited :):) Biggest hugs friends, i’ve got a really busy week ahead on top of all the editing so expect few words and lots of pics!!! Thanks and more stuff soooooooon!!!

And here’s a little unlisted preview video that I posted on my Patreon a week ago! Be sure to check it out if you want to support my content and get cute little things in your inbox!

Virginia Is For… Preview

Here’s a little preview of my big upcoming “Virginia is for Diaper Lovers” video πŸ™‚ whole video will be on YouTube when I’m back and rested up :):) I’ll be home tomorrow for a few days and then I have another adventure next week but I’ll get a chance to decompress after Friday of next week and finish up all the projects I have spinning πŸ™‚

Hugs and more sooooon!!

Wrote a bunch of words

But forgot to make sense of them :p

Words coming soon but now it’s cute pictures because I’m a sleepy girl, today has been such a lovely day, lots more pics and smiles coming soon!!! <3<3

Just a couple little smiles one of my current backyard, 2 of a Soggy Diaper and another of a soon to be soggy diaper!

Hope everybody’s stayingdiapered, big hugs from this littlediapergirl <3<3

Be Leaving

I’m heading out tonight, spending the day packing, allow me to do my favorite thing which is post a ton of random diaper pics!!! Last set of pics in the nylons i’m wearing some really padded panties from Wearever πŸ™‚

I am very excited about this trip, going to spend all day finishing up packing and doing business stuff then i’m on the road! Will be auto-posting on my paysites the next week and the content train shall not stop even if i’m wandering through the forest in a diaper.

I was telling my friend – A woman in her underwear alone in the forest? Suspicious and strange and liable to get you “rescued”. A woman in her underwear alone in the forest with a Tripod and a YogaMat? Perfectly normal thing in our day and age.

More soon, thanks for all the kind words around my “Leaving Social Media” post. I want to do the most good I can in my online presence and this is a very positive step. And while the last 3 years i’ve been on a quitting spree, or a betterment spree rather, but I don’t plan on quitting crinkles, cuddles or little raccoons anytime soon! Those things are good for girls like me πŸ™‚

More pics and thoughts on sugary stuff and surgery stuff coming soon! Thanks friends ❀

Song of the Day – Flannigans Right Hook singing John Denvers Take Me Home Country Roads (My Video from The Celtic Fling)