The 13,343th Day Of My Life

Hey friends!!! I’m in the doctor’s waiting room getting my 3 months checkup since I started a higher dose of hormones!!!

I feel a lot healthier than I did 3 months ago 🙂 Last time I had a laundry list of things to talk about. I don’t know if I’m healthy or if the hormones or better mood is making me less of a hypochondriac, either works for me! Done now, will tell you about it later, all good staying with 2mg E and 100 mg S and starting to move towards an Orchi and potentially SRS, if I want to do more after the Orchi. Keeping my options open, Orchi is easy and SRS is a big deal, so Orchi then maybe SRS if I choose. Exciting!!!

I am leaving for Virginia tomorrow, adventure awaits this little crinkly girl! Going to enjoy some beautiful State Park scenery, do some fun filming and take lots of pics but most of all, actually for once in my life i’ll take a real vacation where I can just turn off my phone, sleep in and sit by the pool all day. I have some projects I’m working on but I have already made plans and set time apart to finish those when I get back. But yeah, it’s going to be a really wild and crazy vacation, I may do some lake kayaking or see James Madison’s home!!!

I have been an incredibly busy baby today so I haven’t been jonesing too hard for social media, but things like getting my nails done and not sharing the pics immediately gives me the empty, restless feeling one gets when quitting an addiction, a yearing or emptiness. I’m doing just fine without the instant gratification, she says as she writes her blog.

I’m really happy to post on this because I know this is going to be around for as long as I keep backing it up 🙂 140 characters is not enough for what this little girl has to say! Tho I gave you enough reading yesterday so I’ll keep this post short, will send a smile from Virginia and look forward to lots and lots more posts on this website! I have been wanting to do a weekly newsletter situation in addition to this site and would love to hear ideas of good content delivery programs, Mailchimp allows up to 2000 people for free I think, I may try that.

I got a new haircut and new nails 🙂 And I got a new awesome sex doll thing to promote on my kinky sites, it’s wild! Not pictured yet, it’s great tho, use StayKinky for 10% off on I got the “Scarlett” and it’s incredible. More on that later tho!!! Lots of new stuff happening!!!

And I really wanted to tweet about these “splooting” squirrels, but I stayed strong lol. Hugs, more diaper stuff soooon!!! I did wear diapers today, went through 2 northshore pullups, but I forgot to take pics 😛

StayDiapered Friends ❤

(Song Of The Day: Wilco – “Summerteeth”)

6 thoughts on “The 13,343th Day Of My Life

  1. I don’t know if it’s terf or cerf(just kidding but I have to set up my pun) , it would be cool to be related to Bennett Cerf, but when my dad had prostate cancer he opted to ge an orchiectomy (my mom had passed away snd he was over 75) and had terrible hot flashes. I hope they have some hormonal therapy to correct that. Your new haircut and nails look really nice. You deserve a nice vacation and I’m glad to hear you are taking it. Have lots of fun. Joy and peace, (it feels weird not being Victor Mattoon online) Bob

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