Be Leaving

I’m heading out tonight, spending the day packing, allow me to do my favorite thing which is post a ton of random diaper pics!!! Last set of pics in the nylons i’m wearing some really padded panties from Wearever 🙂

I am very excited about this trip, going to spend all day finishing up packing and doing business stuff then i’m on the road! Will be auto-posting on my paysites the next week and the content train shall not stop even if i’m wandering through the forest in a diaper.

I was telling my friend – A woman in her underwear alone in the forest? Suspicious and strange and liable to get you “rescued”. A woman in her underwear alone in the forest with a Tripod and a YogaMat? Perfectly normal thing in our day and age.

More soon, thanks for all the kind words around my “Leaving Social Media” post. I want to do the most good I can in my online presence and this is a very positive step. And while the last 3 years i’ve been on a quitting spree, or a betterment spree rather, but I don’t plan on quitting crinkles, cuddles or little raccoons anytime soon! Those things are good for girls like me 🙂

More pics and thoughts on sugary stuff and surgery stuff coming soon! Thanks friends ❤

Song of the Day – Flannigans Right Hook singing John Denvers Take Me Home Country Roads (My Video from The Celtic Fling)

5 thoughts on “Be Leaving

  1. Beautiful photos Riley, but that’s just me saying that, I feel okay about how you’re communicating this way. I’ll get use to it. Have a beautiful trip StaySafe and warm n cozy. Cuddles.. just a friend. ✌️

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