2 More Before We Get All Up In It

Wheeewww! I have a ridiculous pile of photos and over 150Gbs of videos from 3 Cameras to interpret, it’s like a big pile of christmas lights to untangle! The first video is up from my trip on my kinky sites, a cute little shower video ~ I took a very extensive travelogue of kinky/diapered adventures as well as scenery and just fun vlog stuff! Really excited to share!!!

Here’s another little preview!

Here’s another one!

Be sure to check out my paysites to see these kinds of videos early! More sooooon, let me get to editing so I can share all this fun <3<3 Talk soon and STAY DIAPERED!!!!

One thought on “2 More Before We Get All Up In It

  1. Your so cute in your little swimsuits and diaper. Mmm love to go swimming with you. Or I’d love to have you go swimming in my pool. Love your little bikini pink and blue swimsuit so sexy. God love to slide my hand inside your bikini bottoms.

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