Virginia is for Diaper Lovers #8 – Back and There Again

Little Riley’s back on her Diaper Adventures!!!

All of these pictures were taken within the last 36 hours. It’s so like me to be on part 3 before I’m done with part 2 :p

I’ve been working on some big projects that are about to finish and there’s a whole lot more going on than just that so it’s lovely to get away for a second and hang out with the horseys and the big sky .

Release Schedule:

Virginia is For Diaper Lovers Part 2 – Before Halloween

ABDL Accountability: Fake Mommy/Relationship Scams – First Half of November

Diaper Musuem Resumes in November! I have been traveling so much, haven’t had a chance to focuse on that, but Winter is Coming!


How Abusers Keep Abusing Part 2: Kat Marie: Before Halloween

Tantaly Love Doll Review: First Half of November

Another Trans Breast Growth Diary Entry


An absolute boatload of new kinkly fun, including tons of uncensored diaper travelouges!


I am currently lying in a big fluffy hotel bed with a wet diaper on I’m going to take a nice little shower before bed and then put on another big thick diaper and a have really sweet dreams ❤ I think I’m going to spend a lot more time down here ❤

Big hugs friends and lots more exciting stuff soon!!!! Life is good for this little girl, hope it’s good for you too, wish me sweet dreams and no leaks!!!

Weak Off, Most Highest Video, Thin Paint

Hey friends! Taking a little break from “Virginia is For Diaper Lovers” to take on a little more serious subject, will be sharing some new Virginia Pics Tomorrow! I’ve been posting this video everywhere, it’s likely the most challenging and highest gravity video I’ve ever done.

All the Content Warnings, this video details the allegations against “Chloe Corrupt”, an active Producer and Performer in the Trans Adult Scene, and how alleged abusers dodge, obfuscate and insulate against sexual assault allegations. Please be respectful of everyone’s privacy and keep things above the belt. There is no call to action in this video, just a warning about the future of our industry and young trans people if accountability is not valued.

I unfortunately had to dive into Social Media again, outside of really missing my friends there, nobody is going to see unless I share it and share it wide. The reaction has been lukewarm, a few people have really praised it but many people in the industry have remained silent. I am never surprised by the apathy and self-centeredness of the bougie white woman, trans or not. People love to snipe at politicians and people that will never see or think of them, but won’t take on challenges in our own house. It’s easy to #hashtag, it’s a real labor of love, or at the very least, angst, to make a video like this.

do our best

I am not foolish enough to expect the world to reward me for doing the right thing, at least in my lifetime. We’re starting frescos, big as the sky, and while we will never seem them complete in our lives, we start them regardless. If I wanted to get a million likes I would have hidden these things about myself, hidden my gender, my kinks, my observation of wrong-doing, my SELF. Diluting the paint to make a more calming, palatable color.

But I know that there’s people like me out there, we may be few and far between but we are and will continue to be. . We are the bright shocks of color in this world, not the eggshells or aubergines, but the neons and dayglos. Some will try to extinguish this little light of ours, so we must burn bright, hot to the touch, as a hearth to some and a warning to others. We gotta stick together and look out for our own, act not as candles but a conflagration. Warm the hearts of this cold earth, with light comes color and creation.

Be safe friends. StayDiapered, StayKiny, and in the words of Conway the Machine: “Don’t tell my people to stay safe, tell ’em to stay dangerous”

Virginia is For Diaper Lovers #7 – Pool Picture Party!

Hey there friends! This post has basically nothing to do with my Shenandoah trip other than a ton of pics from the trip! Let me know if the pics are formatted OK or if the website is too heavy or not wonky on your phones/PCs etc.

I’m a busy girl with part 2 of the video and so much more stuff, I’m taking the big Gimbal out today to do some event filming, this imposing figure weighs about 4 lbs, which doesn’t sound like much, but think about carrying a 2 liter soda at arms length for a couple hours as a particularly skinny girl. And you have to walk around and point the soda at interesting things, also it’s one of those Star Wars Episode 1 Commemorative Pepsis so if you drop it you’re out a couple grand.

Speaking of the Metric System, listen to Atom and His Package. He’s a good Jewish boy from Philly who makes good songs about the Metric System and Maps and stuff, I have been a fan of him since someone gave me a Punk Mix at my 13th Birthday party. Holy Crap I found the CD on YT

Some of my favorites:

I Am Downright Amazed At What I Can Destroy With A HammerPunk Rock Academy

Upsidedown From Here[Lord, It’s Hard to Be Happy When You’re Not] Using the Metric System

Anyway, there are few modes that I am happier in than filming mode and music mode, and filming music is the best. I used to film so many shows with my old Canon GL2, listening to Atom sing about how much he loves the awfulness of Philadelphia makes me homesick for my wicked little hometown, but I guess I’ve made a new home out here too. It’s going to be wild, all the upcoming travel and adventure, hope you’ll come along. I’ll be back Virginia then probably Atlantic City, then Midtown Manhattan for more filming fun. Travel is so much safer and fun these days for me now that I behave 😛

Here’s a million pics that mostly lack context! And go watch this clip of me bowling!

I was gonna write a big post about being a transgirl and how liberating wearing a bikini is, but hey, there’s always another pool and another post 😛 More stuff soooon, thanks friends!

Virginia Is For Diaper Lovers: The Movie

Here’s my Virginia is For Diaper Lovers video!

I wrote a big thing about how frustrating it is to have all my content age restricted when other (cisgender) ABDLs rarely have that issue, it’s heartbreaking to have my content marginalized but hey, art imitates life, algorithm imitates life. I will save that mopey post for to adhere to my recent “good vibes” policy, i’ll post it when I have angst to spare. In honor of NOFX breaking up, i’m All Out Of Angst.

Speaking of, there’s a little supplemental video about my transition on that site, hot off the presses! And if you don’t want to log into YT because its age restricted, it’s on staykinky manyvids dot com, my kinky site.

Part 2 and more pics coming soon! Oh heck, why not throw in a couple right now 😛

Hope you like the video, more and more of this kind of video soon! Interested in hearing constructive feedback on the video, tho remember I am a single person with limited resources and have no formal training lol. More soon, big hugs!!!

Virginia Is For Diaper Lovers #6 – A Combination of Invention and Recall

Will Eisner, when discussing an autobiographical chapter in his “A Contract With God” book, described the story as a “Combination of Invention and Recall”. That’s our memories, isn’t it? I’m digging through footage of my Shenendoah Trip and so much of it seems new, swept away in the whirlwind of travel and an already-full memory. If it weren’t for this blog I would have forgotten most of my 20s, time will tell if that’s a good thing or not.


I just came back from another little travel adventure and I have lots and lots of travel in my future, going back to Shenandoah in a few weeks, I’m starting to take advantage of my geographical position and all the great stuff around the Maryland/Virginia area.

To clarify, I went to Shenandoah from the Sept. 11th to the 18th (I always travel on the 11th) then I spent a week with family visiting my area, then I stayed another few days at another resort in Maryland to film/work. I just got home yesterday and don’t have any more travel for at least 2 weeks, so I can finish the Kat video and work on the ~200GBs of video I have to edit. So much new stuff on my StayKinky sites, check them out!!!

Check out this “Trans Breast Growth Diary” video on my transcaping site, I also have a version on Youtube but it’s not in color and not as good, watch the MV one. It’s a video about my breast growth journey!

Here’s some cute travel pics, I need to get back to editing 😛 Hugs friends <3<3

Thanks for reading, I always appreciate people sharing this site on their twitters and social media stuff! Thanks for all the support friends! I am so happy with the way I look, check out those tiny boobs!