Virginia Is For Diaper Lovers: The Movie

Here’s my Virginia is For Diaper Lovers video!

I wrote a big thing about how frustrating it is to have all my content age restricted when other (cisgender) ABDLs rarely have that issue, it’s heartbreaking to have my content marginalized but hey, art imitates life, algorithm imitates life. I will save that mopey post for to adhere to my recent “good vibes” policy, i’ll post it when I have angst to spare. In honor of NOFX breaking up, i’m All Out Of Angst.

Speaking of, there’s a little supplemental video about my transition on that site, hot off the presses! And if you don’t want to log into YT because its age restricted, it’s on staykinky manyvids dot com, my kinky site.

Part 2 and more pics coming soon! Oh heck, why not throw in a couple right now 😛

Hope you like the video, more and more of this kind of video soon! Interested in hearing constructive feedback on the video, tho remember I am a single person with limited resources and have no formal training lol. More soon, big hugs!!!

2 thoughts on “Virginia Is For Diaper Lovers: The Movie

  1. Darling you are so cute, love seeing you on vacation. Would be so hot to see you there. Wish you show you getting your diaper changed. I would love 💕 to be one changing you.

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