Virginia is For Diaper Lovers #7 – Pool Picture Party!

Hey there friends! This post has basically nothing to do with my Shenandoah trip other than a ton of pics from the trip! Let me know if the pics are formatted OK or if the website is too heavy or not wonky on your phones/PCs etc.

I’m a busy girl with part 2 of the video and so much more stuff, I’m taking the big Gimbal out today to do some event filming, this imposing figure weighs about 4 lbs, which doesn’t sound like much, but think about carrying a 2 liter soda at arms length for a couple hours as a particularly skinny girl. And you have to walk around and point the soda at interesting things, also it’s one of those Star Wars Episode 1 Commemorative Pepsis so if you drop it you’re out a couple grand.

Speaking of the Metric System, listen to Atom and His Package. He’s a good Jewish boy from Philly who makes good songs about the Metric System and Maps and stuff, I have been a fan of him since someone gave me a Punk Mix at my 13th Birthday party. Holy Crap I found the CD on YT

Some of my favorites:

I Am Downright Amazed At What I Can Destroy With A HammerPunk Rock Academy

Upsidedown From Here[Lord, It’s Hard to Be Happy When You’re Not] Using the Metric System

Anyway, there are few modes that I am happier in than filming mode and music mode, and filming music is the best. I used to film so many shows with my old Canon GL2, listening to Atom sing about how much he loves the awfulness of Philadelphia makes me homesick for my wicked little hometown, but I guess I’ve made a new home out here too. It’s going to be wild, all the upcoming travel and adventure, hope you’ll come along. I’ll be back Virginia then probably Atlantic City, then Midtown Manhattan for more filming fun. Travel is so much safer and fun these days for me now that I behave 😛

Here’s a million pics that mostly lack context! And go watch this clip of me bowling!

I was gonna write a big post about being a transgirl and how liberating wearing a bikini is, but hey, there’s always another pool and another post 😛 More stuff soooon, thanks friends!

6 thoughts on “Virginia is For Diaper Lovers #7 – Pool Picture Party!

  1. The pictures are a little less than sharp on my Lenovo android tablet but not bad. Wow! You look hot in a bikini, Riley.

  2. Hi Riley I see Virginia is treating you well, I love your bathing suits 🩱😍 thank you for sharing your sweet stories and photos! Until Next Time Big Cuddles- Thomas 💐

  3. You are just so cute, love your swimsuits. Your so sexy. Would you like to join me in my hot tub. Love to have you spend weekend.

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