A Big Ol’ Pile of Riley!

Hi there friends! So I have been ultra mega busy in the last few months, so much travel and big, elaborate projects… and it’s all over. I have no deeds to do no promises to keep, I am done with my “How Abusers Keep Abusing” project and have nothing more to say on the topic. I am also mostly over my sinus and illness thing, I hope, and have finally some energy to spare! I have been flat-out since NYC 2 weeks ago.

I just have to maintain my various paysites like a good girl. I have been doing that but not as thoroughly as i’d like. I need to offer more to my subscribers and am actually working on a business plan and stuff like a real person. I planned on focusing these next few frozen months on nose-to-the-grindstone editing but instead, I need to focus on the very bottom of the Heirarchy of Needs, The Sleep, the Health, the Schedule. I have been really working on it, getting into a more regular schedule, getting more sleep, eating better (my stomach issues have been better lately) and education stuff.

I need to learn more of how my tools work from the bottom up. I want to really take my editing to the next level and continue learning how to use my camera better, I have been really proud of the things i’ve been making. I have so much more on the shelf to share, some of it from the summer, I still have part 2 of Virginia is for Diaper Lovers, my Red Velvet Dress thing, my Orchiectomy Update, more Renn Faire and NYC fun, Pride festival videos and so much crinkly fun, I have been making lots of little clips and mommy content tooooo! And a ASMR Story!

Look at this big ol’ pike of Riley, this is about half of it ~ I snipped this while clearing off a few of my externals. Snipping Tool is the most used tool on my PC, I love snipping tool so much. It takes so much to run my little kinky studio :0 I just bought a 1TB Internal WB BLACK and filled it up almost immediately. I am working on slowly but surely working through it 😛

But for today, I just have some snuggly pics to share! These are some random cute NYC pics to bring a sunny smile if you’re cold and chilly <3<3<3 Hugs and more sooooon!!! And hope my Buffalo friends are safe and sound!

From Panties

To Thick Diapers

6 thoughts on “A Big Ol’ Pile of Riley!

  1. The first paragraph pretty much settled it all up, and made me happy for you.
    And I also love the dress you are wearing. Makes you look very beautiful.
    Keep being happy, and being yourself,
    Hope we can meet someday,

  2. Hi Riley, 


    First I'd like to say Happy Thanksgiving to you!


    Second THANK YOU for supporting all of the diaper lovers out in this world. I have been following you for years and seen most of your posts. You are very brave and a great voice for all of us ABDL who don't have the currage to be exposed.


    My situation is I am now a 69 year old male who grew up from about the age of 10 wanting and loving diapers. When I was young I found a doll of my sisters that had plastic pants on it. I took them to my room and put them on. I was in heaven. Then thru the years I would stuff blankets into my underwear to get the feel of diapers. Finally when the web became available I discovered the big world of ABDL. Thats when I realized that I was not the only one with these feelings. Now I have an assortment of diapers and baby wear. My wife sort of supports it. I say sort of because she lets me wear at home but will not get involved and will not buy me diapers.


    Well anyway thanks again for you and your voice supporting us! Keep up the great work!


    Sent: Saturday, November 19, 2022 at 11:01 PM

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