Thankful and Smiling

Hello friends! This is little Riley getting ready for a big adventure today, I’ve got a little video to share with you as well as some really cute Bellissimo Pics!

I ordered a bunch of diapers through Bambino on their recent sale so you’re going to be seeing lots of me in them! You ever get sad and then buy a bunch of diapers? It didn’t exactly cure my seasonal depression but it certainly cheered me up a little bit 🙂

Actually I was having a tough couple days, that cold really knocked me out and still lingers but I’m feeling pretty darn good now. I cleaned up my living space and made some good meals and ready to face the winter and the holidays with everlasting courage and ever soggy diapers 🙂

Thanks so much friends and sending really big hugs hope you like the pictures and hope you’re Staying Diapered!!!

Hugs friends! Tomorrow I will be posting a really exciting link to a podcast I did so keep an eye out!!! (Here’s the link)

11 thoughts on “Thankful and Smiling

  1. Always wonderful to see, and read from and about you. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and all other holidays.
    (and yes, your legs DO drive me crazy)

      • ” they keep getting thicker!! happy thoughts!” Well, I heard a rumor saying something about having, or keeping, or maybe just placing a guys head in between them at times, helps prevent that excess “thickening” from forming, or getting worse. Wanna test that theory out? I have a good head.

      • “I bunch of friends have tried that method but it never really works… but I’m willing to keep trying ��” I fully understand the dilemma BUT, I do believe I do have the secret. It HAS to be repeated very often, AS YOU DESIRE IT!
        NOT the other way around, like “Some” semi-professionals say.
        Contact me for further information and, also, as a “scientific Endeavor”, the full satisfaction, and greatest results WILL be achieved, when performed in the secure, and private “office”, which is located only in central New Jersey. Not far from where you possibly reside,(NYC?) if I recall. And of course, I don’t desire to post that particular information in this forum, for obvious security reasons.
        Thank YOU, and I hope we can get things ‘Straightened out”, with a delightful Outcoming!

  2. To my friend Little Riley… Hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving and with do all respect.. I love you like a significant other would, so proud of you Riley 😘

  3. Hey Riley, I’m thankful for you being in my life. I have learn so much from you doing the past several years.
    Again thank you for being you. Big hugs and kisses

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