Virginia Is For Diaper Lovers & 2022 Finale: Spectacular Views

Hi Friends!!! It’s been so wonderful to share my stories of Virginia Diaper Adventures over the last few months!!! I really hope you’ve enjoyed the series, I’m going to be compiling all the pics and stuff together into a big thread and all that!

More travel and fun coming into 2023, this has been an incredible year personally for me, despite some rough waters online… 2023 will be much smoother sailing, feeling balanced with my social media use and going to focus on making great, positive content. Putting a big focus on educational programs around Premiere and AE this next year… and more live content! I really love this stuff, just being immersed in creative filmmaking, it’s my dream and i’m living it, thank you!!! Now to just figure out a way to make a better living from it, I could be doing more to promote and sell my content… working on getting monetized on YT etc.

Thanks again and again and again for sticking with me… from 2006 to 2023, wild isn’t it?

Imagine what things will be like in 2033, size 9 pampers, AB Galaxy? Full-Body Diapers?? It’s a brave nude world out there, excited to be here for it… & peace to those who didn’t make it here. More video coming soooooooon!!! One more BIG thanks and be safe out there for New Years!!! & Treat yourself to a sub on one of my paysites (ManyVids is the best) I’m always putting out great stuff and my body is changing a lot :):)

Have A Happy New Years, Be Safe, Stay Diapered!!! Big hugs from me and the bears, 2023 is going to be great!!!

Weighting Room (or) Big Hugs from the Hospital Basement

Hi friends! I’m a happy healthy babygirl, had that mental health appointment and got my letter for surgery, more on that later. Couple countent warnings on this post about sad stuff, but nothing too heavy.

I’m currently in a bunker-esq waiting room with my friend who’s about to have an “Ablation”, which is a procedure to stop Afib, it’s common but has some risks and a ton of prep/tests. It’s going to be good, just been occupying my post-holiday thoughts. Kinda like my Orchi, it’s a positive thing, but the process is rough and it’d just be better if our bodies were right to begin with.

I’m wearing a vintage diaper, a 1993 Attends, a lucky diaper πŸ™‚

I’m staying positive, feeling good. I have been going through some pretty serious body and mental changes recently, and it’s alot. I am really treasuring my time spent working on my computer, editing, I’ve been doing some really neat things and it makes me feel good about myself.

I’m still a little upset about some of the community bullying stuff, but my new years resolution is to bag it and throw it in the river. I kinda have a chip on my shoulder about all of it, and it does me no good. I was trying to play God Of War Ragnarok and all I could think about was internet jerks, that’s how they really harm ya. I usually try to be zen about this stuff, but when it all piles up and other stressful things are happening, I am susceptible to those intrusive thoughts. I have a weight of responsibility etc, I need to check that in balance with my social media. Message is good, delivery is flawed.

Just sad I lost my insta and made so many enemies just by trying to “do the right thing”. I never expected to be rewarded, just didn’t think I’d get punished so hard…

And you’re very lucky i’m not describing the scene in the hospital right now, it’s rough, lots of yelling and crying around us while my friend and I sit quietly, holding hands. I feel if most people experienced a small percentage of the abject bleakness i’ve experienced first hand, they would spend the rest of their life in the fetal position… I deal with it, just sometimes it’s a heavy weight. I am glad I no longer dream.

I’m eating a bran muffin in the hospital lounge, the Cafe is not open yet. I am watching the sunrise, sleepy eyed, going to have a rare cup of coffee even, today’s going to be a long one. Grateful for the well wishes!!!

Coming soon is more Virginia fun and some really cool fancy slideshows and Renn Faire fun and some actual Diaper Reviews!!! Putting the challenges of 2022 behind me and moving on to the adventures of 2023! I made some huge progress & investments in my future this year, plus this was my first year completely nicotine free and 3rd year alcohol free, have lots of positive momentum, 2023 is going to be great.

Thanks for the positive thoughts friends, i’m staying diapered, hope you are too! First pic is a Bambino from a video yesterday, 2 & 3 are the Vintage Attends from this morning :):)

Little Holiday!!!

Happy hugs and absolutely looking forward to all the excitement and new developments in 2023!!! Busy day today just wanted to get these pics and super cute video out to you to share a little warmth on the holiday!!!

Hugs friends, more soooon!!! Happy Holidays!!!

Little Eve

Hi Friends!!! I have some adorbs pics to share and a new video!

It’s a panty video but I can assure you I was wearing diapers before & after filming it, the Bears saw me & little Bears can’t lie, they are honorable Bears like those Bears in His Dark Materials! I have good Bears πŸ™‚

Also Sorry I borked my website. I tried to make it better but it stopped working, so it’s going to look like this until I can figure it out. And my friends hospital stuff is going great!

Here’s some pics! Video from this Open House Coming Soon!

Sending the waaaarmest bear hugs from this smiley little diapergirl πŸ™‚

Sending Warm Hugs!!!

This Open House had a Wizard of Oz Theme, really gorgeous displays!

More soon! Hugs friends!!!

Someone Put This Girl In Diapers!!!

Hey friends! Spent yesterday winterizing and shoveling and hunkering down, I have biiiiig plans for the New Year and am getting everything all ready for that, I won’t be making any announcements or anything, just going to do the thing and let it happen. Basically, going to post more and at least do a short video a day… but yeah, more soon πŸ™‚

I’m wrapped up in a blankie, today’s a big day, I may be posting some stuff from the hospital because someone I care about is getting some heart procedures done over the holidays, about a month ago we had some scares and this is the solution, hopefully this will be the last hospital trip in a long time. I just wanted to point out that if i’m Hospital Posting, it’s not bad stuff, it’s positive treatment stuff (but still a little nervewracking). I am also meeting with a mental health professional in the next few days to get my letter for my orchi surgery… it’s a telehealth meeting which makes me so happy, I love not having to travel to do mental health stuff, the fact that I can do it at home in my sleeper with my bear makes me much happier about therapy. Changed my perspective on the whole thing, I have trouble with vulnerability, never liked being in therapist offices… my little nursery is safe space πŸ™‚

I have been posting some adorable stuff on my RileyBBQ Account, I think that account is just going to a catch-all of non-diaper related content. I want to talk all about Creed music videos and weird scenes in movies and would love to have space to do that, really esoteric/viral type videos. That’s low priority, but I feel I need to do it, I want to occasionally talk about things other than being little, but I also want to talk more about being little πŸ˜› I see videos that people put 5% the production in getting 10x the views, just because they post more often. We live in a quantity not quality environment and while I still plan to take on major projects with high production value, I plan to do more chill random content.

I’m actually at the hospital right now, finishing up my post, life is good, test went good, friend will be home soon then big heart stuff happening right after xmas πŸ™‚

Hugs and hugs, check the video out!!! Happy y thoughts friends!!!

Little Xmas Caption

When I start writing on WordPress now there’s a little prompt to get you going, and I think it’s barking up the wrong tree with this one.

I shant talk about that today, I’m going to take it reallllly easy today. Things have been kinda heavy around here, though I feel the last video isn’t negative or down on ABDL, I think it’s optimistic, hopeful. I would rather get dirty than pretend the whole world is clean, but it’s been reaaaally muddy around here so let’s have some holiday fun!

I made a cute little caption and have a real-life story to tell around it… but it’s a big post that needs some extra editing, going to voice record it and stuff… but for today, here’s a little fun caption!

I just changed out of a very soggy Bambino, it’s coooold here but I am warm and snuggly and feeling good!

More tomorrow, xmas adventures incoming toooo! Hope everyone’s holidays are going well!!!

ABDL Vs Predators

This is the most important video i’ve ever made.

18+ ONLY ~ All The Content Warnings, including discussion of CSA, addressing the Biggest Misconception in ABDL.

Thanks for watching, more soon!


[1] – Wiki Article

[2] LGBTQ Fact Check

[3] – Can Find Tweet By Searching Keywords

[4] Catholic Abuse – urch_sexual_abuse_cases
B*cha Bazi (Dancing Boys Of Afghanistan) –

[5] Child Abuse Rate Stats

[6] Pope Apologizes

[7] BBC Self Reporting Men

[8] Republicans Pedo

Psychopathy & Pedo


[10] Mazlowes Heirarchy Of Needs,esteem%2C%20and%20self%2Dactualization.

Virginia is For Diaper Lovers 2 – Elevation

New Video!!! I’ve been editing my cute little butt off and finally am catching up on my projects, this is part 2 of Virginia is For Diaper Lovers, the finale including my most recent Shenandoah trip! I have more adventures to share, I can’t wait to talk about my Orchiectomy updates, my laser hair removal (getting laser on my diaper area!!! smoooooth girl!!!) So much to share, pushing out the noise on social media and focusing on the good stuff!

Thanks for letting me talk about Spacey yesterday, I went back and tried to list to some of their podcasts but it’s really tough for me, I was always a little wasted back then, you can really hear the pain in my voice. I was going through some pics of me as a kid and even me as an adult, and so many had this same pensive, anxious ::biting my inner lip:: look to them, and even well into my 20s that look appears. I didn’t see that look in any of my pics in Shenandoah, and I think that says at least a 1000s words about where this little girl is, she’s still a mess but the best mess she’s ever been! More content, less noise, more smiles, less worrying about faceless and soulless folks ❀

More sooooooon! Hugs friends, and please, don’t stress yourself out on Twitter defending me or arguing with these clowns, winter & holidays are ruff, i’m going to be focusing on smiles and snugs and leaving the grinches out of it πŸ™‚

Less Humbugs, More Bumhugs!

Our Friend Spacey

~This is a Memorial Post For Spacey who passed away from an accident earlier this month. Spacey is best known in the ABDL world for the Big Little Podcast – For More Information see his Brother Mako’s Blog. If you’d like to leave a comment on this page about Spacey, BigLittlePodcast or any great memories surrounding them, please do ~

Throughout our Little lives we will come across thousands of faces, we’ll remember hundreds, befriend dozens and love just a few. When I first showed my face to Spacey, they opened their arms to me, they brought me into their lives and world and saw the good in this sad-eyed little girl, Spacey was always looking for the good. And he was good, and alongside his Brother Mako, who shares his light, brought out the best in the people around them. I many times would think “What Would BigLittlePodcast Do”, and the result was always a more kind outcome.

I always felt so warm for knowing him, we met several times over the years and allowed me onto their show, I always felt welcome and Spacey always listened… I have 2 distinct memories of Spacey and Mako (to who I send so much love in this time). Both involve staying up all night talking, exploring the universe in a down-home way, and always on the topic of peace, always with the least advantaged in mind.

He was a true believer, as authentic as you’d ever meet, there are few people I have ever felt more comfortable around, able to make mistakes without judgment. He was a good listener yet I learned so much from listening to him & Mako. Those around him strove to make others feel as as safe and loved as he made us feel & If you were a friend, listener or complete stranger, you never had to wonder if he cared, he did. I’d have a full life lived if I’d made anything a 1/10th as powerful as the things they’ve created for this community, including LittlesMunch and BGPodcast and various other bridges built.

I try not to speak for the whole ABDL community, but I will in this moment ~ Spacey made us better, and effected us all in a such a positive way, one that will be ever present, he’ll still be tugging on our waistbands and patting our bottoms in spirit, encouraging us on our way. We’ll carry that with us, he planted alot of bulbs in a lot of soil, in the ground, in our heart and our minds, ones that will be blossoming eternally. Love you Spacey, you were the best of us.

Spacey passed away from an accident, it was relatively sudden and it’s left us all a little disoriented. My love goes out to his wife and daughter and Mako, the strength Spacey gave us will help us better deal with his loss. There’s a comment page on Makos blog, we’re here for you Mako ❀

If you’d like to express your feelings here, there’s a page you can discuss good times and favorite Spacey moments, share some of the warm fuzzies he was so generous with.

Thank you for listening friends, and I hope as winter begins here we can all find some time to share some love with a friend or stranger, keep up the spirit of hope & kindness that we all knew him for. Be well friends & StayDiapered. Sending love to Mae and everyone, big hugs ❀


Hey there friends, pardon the last few posts that I have now taken down… this one’s staying up.

I am feeling better, I shut down my twitter, got some rest and talked with some friends, I really needed to take a breath…

My Last Paragraphs On It:

First, I will say to Vamp, thanks for being patient with me and for listening, I shouldn’t have brought you onto my site, i’m sorry ❀ Glad we talked & I’m better for it.

The last couple posts I’d rather forget, but I have been a little overwhelmed. Depression and Anxiety are driving the Rileymobile, and in times like that I really try to retreat. I don’t want to cause any trouble or bring people into my pain, so I hide… I have had a really tough couple weeks unrelated to internet stuff, in addition to some terribly low blows coming from my harassers. I just kinda lost it with all that, with how many people actively support the people making my life hell. And they win when I lose my composure, and I lost my composure.

A friend told me how escorting (shielding people coming in from protesters) at Planned Parenthood caused waves in their life, but it was the right thing to do, so they did it. But they did it the right way, and I don’t always do it right. I need to focus on creating content that expresses my point instead of arguing in short bursts, I have learned this lesson many times. To my readers, sorry for the rough spot. To myself, I need to work on being less aggro. My life is full of change & opportunity for change.


Thanks friends, more soon ❀ I think I’m going to turn my old twitter into a positivity promo account where I retweet artists etc. but I’ll start in on that another day. Put my tree up last night, the stuffies are loving it πŸ™‚ Not really decorated yet but the bears are choosing what ornaments they want to put up πŸ™‚

Hugs!!! Thanks for all the messages of concern, I am doing well, about to take a nap and cuddle a bear on this lovely chilly day <3<3 StayDiapered!!!