Our Friend Spacey

~This is a Memorial Post For Spacey who passed away from an accident earlier this month. Spacey is best known in the ABDL world for the Big Little Podcast – For More Information see his Brother Mako’s Blog. If you’d like to leave a comment on this page about Spacey, BigLittlePodcast or any great memories surrounding them, please do ~

Throughout our Little lives we will come across thousands of faces, we’ll remember hundreds, befriend dozens and love just a few. When I first showed my face to Spacey, they opened their arms to me, they brought me into their lives and world and saw the good in this sad-eyed little girl, Spacey was always looking for the good. And he was good, and alongside his Brother Mako, who shares his light, brought out the best in the people around them. I many times would think “What Would BigLittlePodcast Do”, and the result was always a more kind outcome.

I always felt so warm for knowing him, we met several times over the years and allowed me onto their show, I always felt welcome and Spacey always listened… I have 2 distinct memories of Spacey and Mako (to who I send so much love in this time). Both involve staying up all night talking, exploring the universe in a down-home way, and always on the topic of peace, always with the least advantaged in mind.

He was a true believer, as authentic as you’d ever meet, there are few people I have ever felt more comfortable around, able to make mistakes without judgment. He was a good listener yet I learned so much from listening to him & Mako. Those around him strove to make others feel as as safe and loved as he made us feel & If you were a friend, listener or complete stranger, you never had to wonder if he cared, he did. I’d have a full life lived if I’d made anything a 1/10th as powerful as the things they’ve created for this community, including LittlesMunch and BGPodcast and various other bridges built.

I try not to speak for the whole ABDL community, but I will in this moment ~ Spacey made us better, and effected us all in a such a positive way, one that will be ever present, he’ll still be tugging on our waistbands and patting our bottoms in spirit, encouraging us on our way. We’ll carry that with us, he planted alot of bulbs in a lot of soil, in the ground, in our heart and our minds, ones that will be blossoming eternally. Love you Spacey, you were the best of us.

Spacey passed away from an accident, it was relatively sudden and it’s left us all a little disoriented. My love goes out to his wife and daughter and Mako, the strength Spacey gave us will help us better deal with his loss. There’s a comment page on Makos blog, we’re here for you Mako ❤

If you’d like to express your feelings here, there’s a page you can discuss good times and favorite Spacey moments, share some of the warm fuzzies he was so generous with.

Thank you for listening friends, and I hope as winter begins here we can all find some time to share some love with a friend or stranger, keep up the spirit of hope & kindness that we all knew him for. Be well friends & StayDiapered. Sending love to Mae and everyone, big hugs ❤

4 thoughts on “Our Friend Spacey

  1. I have been fortunate enough to make several appearances on the Big Little Podcast and spend a weekend at a resort hotel with Spacey and his family. He was so good at letting you know you were important to him, whether he’d known you for years or a few minutes. I’m sorry he’s gone but I am SO thankful to have been part of his world.

  2. Sorry to hear and learn about your loss, and friend. Please do enjoy and love, and grow with the ones you still have, and the exciting NEW ones that are around the corner, and knocking at your door…. answer it! It’s Me!

  3. Oh my…
    For the same reasons you’ve expressed in later blog-entries, I’ve pretty much avoided “The Community” for many years…
    While I didn’t exactly get into The Podcast (nor any of any genre), I did, in my brief encounters, recognize that Spacey seemed genuine in a way that few I’ve seen do.
    After you and one other, I’ve checked-in-on for well over a decade, Spacey quickly earned what probably would’ve been my third go-to to check-up on the “State of The Community.”
    Thank you for posting this, Riley. I probably wouldn’t’ve found out for another three years, and only then from wondering, if you hadn’t. And your words about this wonderful person only serve to confirm that the impression they made on me, so quickly, was impressed upon so many, and far more greatly, and gives perspective to the loss we all face.
    I’ll always remember the photo I saw of an angel with glowing wings.
    Best to all those so close.

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