Weighting Room (or) Big Hugs from the Hospital Basement

Hi friends! I’m a happy healthy babygirl, had that mental health appointment and got my letter for surgery, more on that later. Couple countent warnings on this post about sad stuff, but nothing too heavy.

I’m currently in a bunker-esq waiting room with my friend who’s about to have an “Ablation”, which is a procedure to stop Afib, it’s common but has some risks and a ton of prep/tests. It’s going to be good, just been occupying my post-holiday thoughts. Kinda like my Orchi, it’s a positive thing, but the process is rough and it’d just be better if our bodies were right to begin with.

I’m wearing a vintage diaper, a 1993 Attends, a lucky diaper 🙂

I’m staying positive, feeling good. I have been going through some pretty serious body and mental changes recently, and it’s alot. I am really treasuring my time spent working on my computer, editing, I’ve been doing some really neat things and it makes me feel good about myself.

I’m still a little upset about some of the community bullying stuff, but my new years resolution is to bag it and throw it in the river. I kinda have a chip on my shoulder about all of it, and it does me no good. I was trying to play God Of War Ragnarok and all I could think about was internet jerks, that’s how they really harm ya. I usually try to be zen about this stuff, but when it all piles up and other stressful things are happening, I am susceptible to those intrusive thoughts. I have a weight of responsibility etc, I need to check that in balance with my social media. Message is good, delivery is flawed.

Just sad I lost my insta and made so many enemies just by trying to “do the right thing”. I never expected to be rewarded, just didn’t think I’d get punished so hard…

And you’re very lucky i’m not describing the scene in the hospital right now, it’s rough, lots of yelling and crying around us while my friend and I sit quietly, holding hands. I feel if most people experienced a small percentage of the abject bleakness i’ve experienced first hand, they would spend the rest of their life in the fetal position… I deal with it, just sometimes it’s a heavy weight. I am glad I no longer dream.

I’m eating a bran muffin in the hospital lounge, the Cafe is not open yet. I am watching the sunrise, sleepy eyed, going to have a rare cup of coffee even, today’s going to be a long one. Grateful for the well wishes!!!

Coming soon is more Virginia fun and some really cool fancy slideshows and Renn Faire fun and some actual Diaper Reviews!!! Putting the challenges of 2022 behind me and moving on to the adventures of 2023! I made some huge progress & investments in my future this year, plus this was my first year completely nicotine free and 3rd year alcohol free, have lots of positive momentum, 2023 is going to be great.

Thanks for the positive thoughts friends, i’m staying diapered, hope you are too! First pic is a Bambino from a video yesterday, 2 & 3 are the Vintage Attends from this morning :):)

6 thoughts on “Weighting Room (or) Big Hugs from the Hospital Basement

  1. I am glad to hear that things are going well, happy as hioefully planned, and that you are good, and getting even better. I wish I could hold you warmly, tightly, and with loving security, so that you can relax, and feel even more assured and full filled with joyous happiness. Until we meet……… (ssmmmmooooooooooooootch!

  2. Thank you for all these posts and you have all my support of France.
    Merci pour tous ces postes et tu as tout mon soutien de France.

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