Dawn Of The First Day

I’m pretty much flat out in bed right now I have a lot to talk about and so much to share but none of it is really well put together right now, I don’t want to give you too much random emotions, because I have lots to spare 🙂

Last night was very difficult because I didn’t have pain medication until this morning and I am a very swollen uncomfortable girl but I am also the happiest little girl in the world <3<3

I feel like it hasn’t really kicked in yet because I’m still really swollen and it kind of feels like I have really big testicles right now, but that’ll be gone soon and I’ll be back to my absolutely gorgeous and perfect little body, finally closer to being the way I feel 🙂

But yeah having to lay on my back like this is not great and I am very sore and just not feeling it so I am going to log off for a little bit and do some serious recovering 🙂

I’ve got a big ice pack on my crotch and I’m about to watch a movie, thanks friends, more hugs and hugs and hugs!!!!!

Transgender Orchiectomy: Everything You Want To Know!

New Video!!! And Then Another New One Tomorrow & Daily Blog Starts Up Again!!!

Hi there friends!!! I have the biggest news for you, a lifetime pursuit coming to fruition! I’m finally getting an Orchiectomy!

I have so much to say in the coming month, I will be going through some incredible changes and have some big feelings to share, but for now, let’s stick to the facts.

But first, “Cisgender” means “Not Transgender” & is used to distinguish between trans & non-trans folks.

Dysphoria in relation to trans people is the feeling of body incongruency, my brain map doesn’t understand my boy parts because I should have girl parts, so i’m dysphoric.

Gender Affirming Surgery is the new term for “Sex Change”. Sexual Orientation, i.e. gay/straight etc. is a separate conversation from Gender Identity, I’m Pansexual because that’s the closest label to not having a label, I’m sexually agnostic.

Sex & Gender are seperate, Sex is a Personal Clinical Classification, Gender is a Social Expression. Sex is XX/XY, Gender is skirts or slacks. Gender wise, Cisgender Men & Trans Men are the same gender, Men, but don’t have the same Sexual Characteristics. Sexual Characteristics do not inform gender and Sex really only matters when it comes to private medical needs, Ciswomen need cervical cancer screenings, Transwomen need prostate exams.

Ok, we’re all glossaried up? Here we go, The Who What Where How & Why of my Orchi!

Who: I’m Riley Kilo, I was born in 1986 in Northern California, started taking hormones in 2009, you can watch me take my first pill on this channel! , I do video production, I go by She/Her pronouns, and I really like pastels, kink, sad movies and making food for friends.

What: An Orchiectomy is the removal of the testicles, it’s a 30 min Outpatient surgery performed by a Urologist. Nothing changes about my genitals outside of testicle removal, no skin will be removed.

They basically make an incision on the line running up the line of one’s sac and then remove the testicles, they use dissolving stitches and there’s a post-office visit but otherwise it’s a one & done situation. There are possible complications outside of the usual surgery stuff, but many of them can be resolved quickly, I am very healthy and shouldn’t have issues. I’ll go home the night of the surgery, be off my feet for about 48 Hours and limited lifting for about 2-4 weeks after that. Friends say healing is easy biz and it’s not too painful, more uncomfortable. Going to eat some weed gummies and watch a bunch of Baki, i’ll be back and editing in a few days.

Where & How: Outpatient Surgery Center, Doctor came highly recommended. They had an opening so the appointment came up super quick, I thought it was more like 6 weeks or months, not 6 days away. But i’m ready, less anticipation!

I am getting my insurance sorted and hopefully that will cover most of it. I may have to pay out of pocket which I think I can handle, you see I live by the beat, if people don’t buy my content, then I don’t eat, but thankfully people have been really supportive and I should be able to front this one my own. I’ve asked so much over the years so i’m not doing the big GoFundMe campaign thing or anything, I have this covered thanks to viewers like you :):) Orchi’s are more in the 2 Grand & 2 weeks area vs the more 20 grand & 2 months area of a vaginoplasty. Plus, being completely honest here, but vaginas take alotta maintenance and I might just be too irresponsible for that at this moment, same reason why I don’t have a cat.

Here’s the big one:


While I was growing up, I was small, sensitive and had a very high voice, very few people mistook me for a boy.

I started growing breasts when I was 12 years old, I hit puberty VERY late around 15 and it hit me hard, I grew 6 inches taller and became very sexually engaged, I had a lot of awkward teenage sex. Near-constant Erections, huge hormone swings, so much hair, issues with controlling my emotions & temper, normal teenage stuff for cisgender people, but very confusing for a young girl. While other boys were climbing and running in their bodies, I was scared and confused in mine, I swam with a shirt on, I didn’t like being touched or hugged. I just felt so wrong. I still feel this way, but hormones and gender expression have helped me feel much better.

As a teen I started ID’ing as gay because I didn’t know what trans was. I knew I didn’t want boy parts, I knew I enjoyed them, but they’re just not right, like eating an offbrand oreo.

And that’s because, simply, I’m a trans person with a clinical need for transition as way to manage dysphoria. My mental map does not match my body map, and while I am happy with my female gender expression, my doctors and I agreed on a need hormonal & surgical intervention to fix this incongruency. The testicles produce Testosterone, so instead of continuing to take T inhibiting drugs (raising my risk of blood clot etc) i’m just removing the source of T as well as improving my quality of life by removing parts that I feel and have always felt, do not belong. I also suffer from constant, troublesome erections, and while post-op I’ll be able to still (maybe) get erections and ejaculate, etc, sex without testosterone is much more honest & desirable to me, and I am sure it will be even more so without the balls.

Someday I may get full sexual reassignment surgery but I don’t have the time, money or confidence to do that, I have never had a surgery or been in the hospital so I am very nervous, getting a vaginoplasty would be too much for me. I’m a scared little girl to be honest, but staying very strong for myself and my friends who will be supporting me through recovery.

I wrote about a dozen paragraphs for this part but that’ll be it’s own video on what I think about trans people, sex, gender, non-binary identities etc. Spoiler alert, I love anyone expressing their unique selves and believe there is plenty of room in the trans rainbow.

So final thoughts, and we’re about to get mushy, this means everything to me. This is the most important thing I’ve ever done for myself and every day of my life has been leading up to this. I am not a person who cries, but I have been on the verge of crying since getting the call about this.

Those walls around my heart I talk about, the insecurity, fear of rejection, inability to feel loved etc… those bricks are made from bullying and a rough childhood and sexual abuse, but they’re held together by testosterone. With hormones and self-love, I have been healing more everyday and each single moment I spend as my authentic, congruent, vibrant self, is a step towards peace. I am so happy to finally be here, to finally put myself first, not my Sex Work Clients or my Lovers, or my subscribers or fans, but to do something for me, to stop delaying and take action and continue growing, blossoming and living life deliciously.

Thanks for listening Friends! Daily Blog Starts Tomorrow on Transcaping.com and My Various Social Medias!!! Thanks and happy hugs!!!

Trest Your Might!!!

Hey friends!!! 2 New Videos!!!

First one is about the Trest Diapers and is super cute, the second is about my Orchi Consultation, I filmed it back in November but wanted to get it out before next weekend…

Because just in a couple days I am going to be having my Orchiectomy! I have so much to talk about and have a video and post coming out ASAP, I have been super busy filming and getting ready and all that, they had an opening so it happened somewhat suddenly but I am ready to go!

Thanks friends, post coming tomorrow! Happy thoughts, i am overjoyed <3<3 thanks for all the support!!!

To Further Support (not required, only give if you can!) Check this link! https://ko-fi.com/rileykilo

Nocturnal Wilderpeople

A Big Box of Animals came to my door!!! It had Giraffes and Dragons and Raccoons and Wolfies in it!!!

Here’s my latest video all about the PeekABUs!!! I’m feeling really little in this video so it’s not as detailed as some of my other reviews, but I want to make *more* stuff so I’m making shorter style videos and more fun stuff!!! Coming up later this week is one all about the Pink Trests, I like them and they make squishy sounds 🙂 🙂

I have been such a busy girl, it’s Contest Time on ManyViids so I’m a busy busy girl with all that & just catching up with year end stuff! VOTE FOR ME!!!! I have been watching lots of movies,

I watched:

Ballykissangel & The Banshees of Inisherin because i’m a big squishy Cailín

Severance AppleTV Show (I really wanted to like but ultimately didn’t)

Hunt for The Wilderpeople (really cute fun movie, Sam Neill is great, highly recommend)

Baki (I don’t watch much anime but I love this, def. not for anyone)

Creep 1 & 2 (Super Cringy Genre Fun)

I’m Watching Nocturnal Animals & it’s not very good so far, I must say it’s the most provocative openings of a film i’ve ever seen, lots of nudity.

Singing in The Rain, In The Mouth Of Madness, Zero Dark Thirty, Avatar Nick TV Show, lots of old Dr. Katz episodes, Robocop, Steel Magnolias, I watch lots of movies while I’m editing and i’ve been watching lots of good feel good stuff while my friend recovers from their heart procedure, they are well, thanks for all the kind support 🙂

New Video on my Orchiectomy Journey coming to Transcaping soon ❤ Life is exciting and goood!!! I got tickets to see one of my favorite bands and just feel really free. Last year really dragged me down, I’m out of the sewers and focusing on the things I want to do, not on the things I don’t want other people to do. Going to focus on the good and make time for accountability, but not let it overwhelm me or make me lose sight of the good. Sorry if haven’t been showing my best side… I will do better 😉

I spent the evening trying to get my site to look somewhat normal, feel free to tell me if you have issues! With the site mind you, I’m not really prepared to help you with bigger life issues, but leave a comment and i’ll try!!!

Happy thoughts friends, here’s a little smiley pic from my next video!!!

Relationship Scams in the Kink Scene (Fake Mommy Dommes, Deepfakes & AI People)

New Video Day!!! Here’s some thoughts on all that, thanks for watching and for alll the supports friends!

Mommy/Dominatrix Scams are INCREDIBLY common online right now!

Watch this video to arm yourself against the onslaught of CG Goddesses and AI Mistresses ~ Stolen Images & Wire Scams!

“Catfish(ing)” Means Impersonating Someone Else Online and/or Making a Fake Identity

THERE ARE WONDERFUL PEOPLE IN THIS SCENE!!! Don’t Let This Scare You Off!!! Knowledge is Power. Knowing is Half the Battle! Enter Relationships With Confidence!

That last face is not an AI face, it’s Haley Joel Osment from the movie AI. You can tell it’s a really funny joke because I have to explain it.

Thanks friends, I will make some Diaper Reviews After This! I promise lol!!!

Video Script That Might Not Make As Much Sense As The Video:

Hi there friends! This is Riley Kilo & today we’ll be focusing on Scams in Kink & Queer spaces & the epidemic of fake accounts exploiting our community.

First we’ll discuss critical thinking and give you the tools to protect yourself in any situation, and then we get down to the various tactics you may not have predicted. And this is not about abusive dommes, see my video on Mommy Kat Marie for more on that, this is about actual fake accounts that take money but do not deliver any kind of content or experience. I see people getting scammed all the time by these folks and it’s time we put an end to it, so here we go.

Let’s get the basics out of the way


Use 2 Factor Authentication for everything and create a secondary anonymous email for naughty stuff.
And lastly, DONT BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU READ ON THE INTERNET, i’m very sorry, but those horny singles in your neighborhood aren’t real, just ads based on your location. I’ll give you a moment while we move on.

How the Mommy Scam works.

First, this is about people enter this community using fake IDs, stolen pics to take advantage of folks. Most folks in the community asking for mutual aid or doing sex work are legit, we’re talking about scammers.
So these scammer people will create an account on social media, often using stolen or more recently, AI generated images. Their profile will say they are an established Domme etc, often gaining followers by retweeting/engaging with potential victims or through bots/other scam accounts.

They try to establish a relationship by attracting people through content or contacting folks directly. I get dozens of unsolicited DMs from horny dudes a day, there’s lots of naive guys out there looking for ANY kind of interaction, letting lust guide them, making themselves easy prey. And there’s plenty of vulnerable folks in our communities, you better believe they target them first.

They bait with chatting/more content (again, mostly stolen or fake) and eventually get around to asking for money, giftcards or information. Be it part of a false plan to meet, or crisis situation, or blackmail, they bottom line is getting something out of you, and they’re targeting kinky people specifically because of the stigma around it.

Common threads include:

Setting Up A Nursery/My Own Place which you can visit!
Buying Webcam
Sick Animals (very popular)
Travel/Family Emergency
Abusive Situations
There are an endless supply of people with nothing to do but scam, and they will lie and decieve in unimaginable ways.

Don’t give up! This is an inevitability in our nightmare corporate algorithm world and has creeped into every aspect of life, not just our community. Get smart or get scammed! .

Red Flags

The bane of all scams is the potential victim viewing the situation critically & objectively, if you were to imagine describing the situation to a cop or your Mom, would it sound like you got played?

Here’s a list of red-flags, not everyone with these traits is a scammer, but every scammer has these traits.
Do they behave like a real person with real interests or does it look like a hashtag engagement account? Is every retweet/post similar or promoting similar accounts? Are they following more people then they have following them? Do you share followers? How much AI art is in their profile?

Check out the “Likes” and “Media” tags, see how consistent they are, are they posting any gear or events or just photos of themselves in non-kink situations? Have they always used the same photos? Did the conversation become hot & heavy quickly? Are they depending on you, a stranger, to solve a crisis? Are they promising recompense tomorrow for a gift card today?

Now, there’s plenty of legit dommes and relationships to be found, but especially now, there’s many older and inexperienced people coming online, so scammers have a ton of fresh Boomer and Zoomer meat, it’s up to us milleniuls raised on Usenet and AOL/mIRC Chat to protect them.

We must be Observant and Patient. The most important skill in our society is learning how to find information online, it’s 90% of any techinical work. Doxx yourself! Especially with Onlyfans, Fetlife etc verifying folks, most scene people will be verified somewhere. Though it’s trickier to tell who’s real and who’s not these days, which brings us to the next topic.

Analog Girl in a Digital World

Reverse Image Search is a great tool. Use Tineye or Google Image Search to reverse search their images. But this is tough in the nightmare world of deepfakes and AI images, but many scammers still just steal images wholesale. These pictures i’m showing you are not real people, they are AI generated images. These are super common, including “Deepfakes” where an AI or random face is put over someone’s body in a video, and it’s getting really hard to tell as a layman. You often see people putting a fake head on their own body, and that’s fine, just be honest what you’re doing and please god, don’t put a kids head on an adult body, I see it often and it’s terrible, what are people doing.

Now more than ever, a scammer or bot can imitate faces and human-like dialogue, but they can’t imitate a history, a real conversation or a unique personality. My best tool for vetting people is a short phone conversation. You can often tell if someone’s using a fake voice and while you can fake video and photoshop etc, scammers (especially non-american ones) will have a hell of a time with a phone call. If they say they’re too nervous or shy to speak for a minute? That’s fine, just don’t send this person money until you’re comfortable they’re a real person. I wouldn’t give any money to someone who just randomly messaged me.

Don’t be pressured, don’t share anything until they share something significant first, the burden of proof is on them. If you send am intimate pic without knowing what’s up, it’s very possible they will use that photo as some kind of leverage. A competent scammer can learn alot from just an Email. Create a seperate mail accounts for social and kinky interactions from the one you bank with. If you have a TikTok with contacts enabled, everyone in your phone will be able to see your account activity. Doxx yourself, search your name occasionally. look at your profile with incognito tabs ti see what other people are seeing. check your privacy settings all the time, they constantly change. Or failing that, throw your phone into a lake.

My bestie and I talk everyday but once she sent me an unfamiliar link on Twitter overnight saying “Check this out” and before I clicked that link, I confirmed she had sent it, took 2 seconds. Accounts get comprimised all the time, it takes constant vigilance to stay safe. Don’t be the farmer on the battlefield, arm yourself with SKEPTICISM and never act frivously online, because hey Mary J. Blige, what can it cost you?


Scammers are common due to our underground status of kink and the supply/demand role/gender gap, but I also feel the acceptence of stolen content in kink communities is responsible as well. How often do you see things like “Pasties” or Captions or deepfakes use non-consenting images, with no care for the people they’re stealing from and putting into porn. I think we need a reffrendum on that garbage ASAP, but that’s our next video.

I have so much more to say, more soon covering Charity Scams & Non-Consenting Content! Full transcript on my site, StayDiapered. We won’t let thse folks turn our hearts cold, the best way to find a Mommy is to be the best you, follow legit Mommies around our community and keep an eye on Personal Sites/Fetlife etc! There are lots of good pro-mommies around. And it’s ok to not have a partner, it’s not always better to have loved and lost if you loved a fraud and lost a bunch of money.

Keep Your Dukes Up friends. All Day Every Day, we’re all in the big city now, we all gotta watch our backs and each others. Be the smart skeptic, don’t believe everything you read online and don’t just believe stuff because it feels good. most of all, don’t use your credit card when you’re really horny, unless you’re on one of my sites 🙂

Thanks and be well, constant vigilance, stay safe and stay kinky friends!


Hey Friends!! I have been overwhelmed with making stuff and haven’t been posting enough 😛 😛

Here’s a little preview of some upcoming fun! Hard at work, thanks for being patient!!!

Also the ManyVids Awards Starts Now!!! Go Vote For Me Please!!!

Roleplay Star


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More Stuff Tomorrow! Getting my Second Round of Laser and the Scams video should be done! Exciting stuff!

Good News For People Who Like Diaper Girls

Few items of news:

First, Thanks for all the kind comments about our friend Spacey, sending warm hugs ❤

Things are good with my friend, their heart is doing well and they are in “Sinus Rhythm”, meaning normal rhythm. Lots of reconditioning to do but we’re feeling good!

I know this site is probably all weird now and isn’t as functional as before, I just haven’t had the time to do the web design stuff for it. Top of the list here now that the last Dr. app was today and the weather is awful and I have lots of time now!

It’s the new year and I want to update ya’ll/yooze/thou on all the exciting things happening in 2023! I’ve also added a handy explainer about where all my content lies, if you’re a content creator and want a PSD copy of this, send me a poke on the contact form.

And I’ve been wearing diapers everyday since the new year! Not 24/7 but wearing lots and lots 😛 Not just when going out or for bed & naps, but the between times too. I really am just a diaper girl & prove it more and more everyday 🙂

Full Text of Announcement for my sightfree homies:

What an exciting year! Full of new challenges, adventures and growth for this blossoming girl!

2023 Will Be The Best Year Yet for StayKinky, I want to thank everyone for all the kind words, hearts,
encouragement and love!!! I really feel it and it’s been wonderful meeting new friends, hope to meet more! I will be traveling more!

I’ve made some really big financial commitments in 2022 for things such as hair removal and future travel, I’ve
invested the generosity of my fans in myself and the future of StayKinky.

The biggest news is my upcoming Orchiectomy (Testical Removal) which I will probably get in the next few months. It’s been a lifelong journey and while my content may change a bit, it will be Better Than Ever. Very excited to explore my sexuality and growth with you!
Thanks For All The Support!!!

2023 Will Bring New:
Girl/Girl Collabs, Anl Training, Domme Sadie and More!
Look Forward to A Wonderful 2023!!!

Thanks friends! New stuff coming to Youtube including some PeekABU cuteness! These pics are from my latest StayDiapered video, Part 1 was today and Part 2 is tomorrow, coming to my paysites!!! Thanks again and the biggest hugs!!!

2023 sounds like a Made Up Year

Happy New Year Friends!!!

Busy little bee today! Started out the year with delicious tacos, a lovely nice long walk on a warm lovely day and lots of editing!!! I am working on a project for my bio-Mom and just basking in the good vibes. Listening to a bunch of good music, i’m still listening to Christmas music! Really enjoyed this song, quinnies “Silver Second” over the season, one of the prettiest songs i’ve heard in forever. Makes me hug my stuffies really close 🙂

I had a very soggy morning too, just joyfully soaked in a Northshore Megamax :):) Be sure to use Riley5Off For 5$ Off Your Order! Yay for Diaper Deals!!!

Speaking of cute things and stuffies, here’s an adorbs little video!

And just to add a few extra smiles, here’s some pics from my blissfully bulky morning :):) What a soggy girl!!!