2023 sounds like a Made Up Year

Happy New Year Friends!!!

Busy little bee today! Started out the year with delicious tacos, a lovely nice long walk on a warm lovely day and lots of editing!!! I am working on a project for my bio-Mom and just basking in the good vibes. Listening to a bunch of good music, i’m still listening to Christmas music! Really enjoyed this song, quinnies “Silver Second” over the season, one of the prettiest songs i’ve heard in forever. Makes me hug my stuffies really close 🙂

I had a very soggy morning too, just joyfully soaked in a Northshore Megamax :):) Be sure to use Riley5Off For 5$ Off Your Order! Yay for Diaper Deals!!!

Speaking of cute things and stuffies, here’s an adorbs little video!

And just to add a few extra smiles, here’s some pics from my blissfully bulky morning :):) What a soggy girl!!!


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