Good News For People Who Like Diaper Girls

Few items of news:

First, Thanks for all the kind comments about our friend Spacey, sending warm hugs ❤

Things are good with my friend, their heart is doing well and they are in “Sinus Rhythm”, meaning normal rhythm. Lots of reconditioning to do but we’re feeling good!

I know this site is probably all weird now and isn’t as functional as before, I just haven’t had the time to do the web design stuff for it. Top of the list here now that the last Dr. app was today and the weather is awful and I have lots of time now!

It’s the new year and I want to update ya’ll/yooze/thou on all the exciting things happening in 2023! I’ve also added a handy explainer about where all my content lies, if you’re a content creator and want a PSD copy of this, send me a poke on the contact form.

And I’ve been wearing diapers everyday since the new year! Not 24/7 but wearing lots and lots 😛 Not just when going out or for bed & naps, but the between times too. I really am just a diaper girl & prove it more and more everyday 🙂

Full Text of Announcement for my sightfree homies:

What an exciting year! Full of new challenges, adventures and growth for this blossoming girl!

2023 Will Be The Best Year Yet for StayKinky, I want to thank everyone for all the kind words, hearts,
encouragement and love!!! I really feel it and it’s been wonderful meeting new friends, hope to meet more! I will be traveling more!

I’ve made some really big financial commitments in 2022 for things such as hair removal and future travel, I’ve
invested the generosity of my fans in myself and the future of StayKinky.

The biggest news is my upcoming Orchiectomy (Testical Removal) which I will probably get in the next few months. It’s been a lifelong journey and while my content may change a bit, it will be Better Than Ever. Very excited to explore my sexuality and growth with you!
Thanks For All The Support!!!

2023 Will Bring New:
Girl/Girl Collabs, Anl Training, Domme Sadie and More!
Look Forward to A Wonderful 2023!!!

Thanks friends! New stuff coming to Youtube including some PeekABU cuteness! These pics are from my latest StayDiapered video, Part 1 was today and Part 2 is tomorrow, coming to my paysites!!! Thanks again and the biggest hugs!!!

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