Nocturnal Wilderpeople

A Big Box of Animals came to my door!!! It had Giraffes and Dragons and Raccoons and Wolfies in it!!!

Here’s my latest video all about the PeekABUs!!! I’m feeling really little in this video so it’s not as detailed as some of my other reviews, but I want to make *more* stuff so I’m making shorter style videos and more fun stuff!!! Coming up later this week is one all about the Pink Trests, I like them and they make squishy sounds 🙂 🙂

I have been such a busy girl, it’s Contest Time on ManyViids so I’m a busy busy girl with all that & just catching up with year end stuff! VOTE FOR ME!!!! I have been watching lots of movies,

I watched:

Ballykissangel & The Banshees of Inisherin because i’m a big squishy Cailín

Severance AppleTV Show (I really wanted to like but ultimately didn’t)

Hunt for The Wilderpeople (really cute fun movie, Sam Neill is great, highly recommend)

Baki (I don’t watch much anime but I love this, def. not for anyone)

Creep 1 & 2 (Super Cringy Genre Fun)

I’m Watching Nocturnal Animals & it’s not very good so far, I must say it’s the most provocative openings of a film i’ve ever seen, lots of nudity.

Singing in The Rain, In The Mouth Of Madness, Zero Dark Thirty, Avatar Nick TV Show, lots of old Dr. Katz episodes, Robocop, Steel Magnolias, I watch lots of movies while I’m editing and i’ve been watching lots of good feel good stuff while my friend recovers from their heart procedure, they are well, thanks for all the kind support 🙂

New Video on my Orchiectomy Journey coming to Transcaping soon ❤ Life is exciting and goood!!! I got tickets to see one of my favorite bands and just feel really free. Last year really dragged me down, I’m out of the sewers and focusing on the things I want to do, not on the things I don’t want other people to do. Going to focus on the good and make time for accountability, but not let it overwhelm me or make me lose sight of the good. Sorry if haven’t been showing my best side… I will do better 😉

I spent the evening trying to get my site to look somewhat normal, feel free to tell me if you have issues! With the site mind you, I’m not really prepared to help you with bigger life issues, but leave a comment and i’ll try!!!

Happy thoughts friends, here’s a little smiley pic from my next video!!!

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