Dawn Of The First Day

I’m pretty much flat out in bed right now I have a lot to talk about and so much to share but none of it is really well put together right now, I don’t want to give you too much random emotions, because I have lots to spare 🙂

Last night was very difficult because I didn’t have pain medication until this morning and I am a very swollen uncomfortable girl but I am also the happiest little girl in the world <3<3

I feel like it hasn’t really kicked in yet because I’m still really swollen and it kind of feels like I have really big testicles right now, but that’ll be gone soon and I’ll be back to my absolutely gorgeous and perfect little body, finally closer to being the way I feel 🙂

But yeah having to lay on my back like this is not great and I am very sore and just not feeling it so I am going to log off for a little bit and do some serious recovering 🙂

I’ve got a big ice pack on my crotch and I’m about to watch a movie, thanks friends, more hugs and hugs and hugs!!!!!

3 thoughts on “Dawn Of The First Day

  1. Yaaaaaaaaaaay, I am glad that the surgery went well. Lots of hugs and snuggs and well wishes sent to you my friend.

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